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Friday, February 26, 2010

Here We Go Again……


This past weekend was one of beautiful spring-like weather,and temperatures in the high  70’s.Much was accomplished here at TheGreatWall.

The butterfly garden was finished;onions and carrots were planted as edging in the flower beds,mulch spread around.

And,lo and behold,winter returned!A cool cold front came through yesterday,and this morning the temperature was 28 degrees!


Only the most delicate of plants were brought up to the patio(YardBoy wasn’t too happy about having to help,but he begrudgingly came to the rescue).The rest were left to fend for themselves.

Early this AM,I was out(in my pj’s,no less),checking on everything.Thankfully,there was no freeze or frost,sooo,it looks like we made it through ok.

But hasn’t this weather gone on long enough?Now,I’m not saying I’m ready for the heat and humidity of summer.By no means am I ready for that!But it would be nice if spring would hang around for awhile.

The poor plants are so confused.Should I grow or shouldn’t I?

A bonus from this weird weather is we have robins in our yard.I haven’t seen so many,here,in quite a long time.


Guess they’re confused too.



NanaK said...

I think at this rate our weather will skip spring and we'll go right into summer.

I like the idea of edging beds with carrots and onions. Mmm...I might have to give that a try.

ChrisC said...

Parsley is a good edger,too.

Susan said...

I'm confused too...we should be finished with winter. I'm afraid March is not going to be the norm for us. Great idea for edging beds with carrots, onions and parsley...sounds great!

Gayle said...

I would so love to see a robin. That would signal the end of winter for us. We went back down to -20. WTF....it was just +40. Arrrg!

Glad your plants survived. I sure hope your weather straightens out.

Meems said...

Yesterday I almost couldn't believe my ears when the weather forecast was 34 degrees in town. I covered one bed of newly planted tomatoes and the rest had to take its chances. I think everyone knows how much I LOVE this weather during the day... I DON'T like holding my breath wondering if we hit freezing.

Glad everything came through alright for you. It will be very interesting to see how Florida's March turns out... PLEEEEASE don't skip right to summer.

compost in my shoe said...

Holding me breath that March behaves and ushers in spring with true southern hospitality!!!!


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