"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feelin’ Pink…………..


No-not her!


(But I wish I could sing like her,though!)

Pink in the garden!

Yesterday,I realized that there is quite a lot of pink,blooming,in our garden.

And it’s not my favorite color,either.

IMG_4330 Pink Polka-dot


Lotus Begonia





(which came through the freezes beautifully)


Pink Philodendron



(one of Dad’s,which has been blooming since before Christmas)


Reiger Begonia

(a Valentine’s Day present from the Yard Boy,AKA Jon.Perfect gift for a gardener,don’t ya think?)

and speaking of the Yard Boy,here he is pruning and fertilizing his roses…………..


and while I’m on the subject of pink,I could never leave out……..


one of the many Pink Flamingos that live at TheGreatWall!

Rumor has it that by the end of this week,we should be returning to more February-like temperatures.



Ami said...

Lovely pink. Perfect color for Valentine's Day! That reiger begonia is so soft and delicate, got to love it! I also just recently wrote a post featured pink in my garden. Welcome to hop over to my garden take a look :)

NanaK said...

Well, pink is my favorite color and you have quite a lot of pink showing up in your garden that is very pretty. That begonia is so delicate looking; love it. I sure hope the rumor you heard about the weather is true.

Shellbelle said...

So happy to see things are blooming on The Wall again!

You'll be proud to learn I bought a new pair of the standard yard Flamingos to put in the yard of my new home in Georgia. Moving on April 1st and taking as much Florida as I can with me!

Susan said...

Pink is one of my favorite colors, and you've got some beauties. I've never heard of pink philodendron. I have got to find myself some of that. And, of course the flamingos...no Florida gardener worth his/her salt would be caught without a flamingo or two in the yard. :-)


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