"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, February 21, 2010

“Do You Believe In Magic”….. In The Garden….


Dave,at The  Home  Garden,has given us gardeners another assignment for the week(I’m starting to like this homework thingy.It’s making me think of gardening in a whole new way.),Magic In The Garden.

Can the queen of recycling and reusing handle it?

You betcha!!!!

Let’s give it a try….

We try to put interesting things in our garden containers.

What better than empty wine bottles and old Christmas ornaments?IMG_4370

At TheGreatWall,we are firm believers in curved beds in the gardens.IMG_4366

One should always wonder what lies ahead,around the next curve…….

Like a mermaid resting in a container…….


Or a frog sitting on the toilet,contemplating whatever it is frogs contemplate……. IMG_4372

or a Buddha ……

(we are Equal Opportunity Offenders on TheGreatWall,after all)



I have saved the best ‘til last…..

our flamingo collection!2009_06_16

What’s a Florida garden without a flamingo,or two…..or three?

How do you add Magic to your garden?



Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

"One should always wonder what lies ahead,around the next curve" that is my hope for our gardens! Definitely a good idea to keep in mind. I suppose in Florida flamingos are must haves! Not so much here ;)

Gayle said...

Equal Opportunity Offenders. Very clever!

I also have flamingoes. They were blown up by a hurricane.

I'm trying not to think about your garden. It is so sad that I can only garden June, July and August. I can't imagine what I would do if it was a year-round thing. (I don't have time for magic...it seems shortly after everything is planted it is freezing again. Not really, but it feels like it).

Fun post!

Susan said...

Flamingos definitely add magic to the Florida garden. It wouldn't be a Florida garden with a flamingo or two...and you have a great collection. I also LOVE your mermaid. Fairies add some magic to my garden.


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