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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Autumn In Florida?


Is it Autumn?

Are we in New England?

Nope---it’s  spring time in Florida, and the  Florida Red Maples are putting on their show…………

IMG_4353 Against the back drop of the other bare trees and the spring time Florida blue sky,one could almost believe they’re in New England.

IMG_4352 It would be easy to be confused,but it IS Florida.

At first glance,they look just like northern maples………IMG_4355

But this is Florida,after all,and they are Florida natives.

They bloom in the spring,not the fall.

They prefer wetlands.In Hillsborough County they are  a protected species,just as the Florida Oak is protected.

They are shallow rooted.

Word to the wise: Do NOT plant them near a septic drain field,or sewer lines.Nor near a sidewalk.

Total disruption will occur,I promise you.We learned the hard way.

But they are a fast growing shade tree,and with good care and proper pruning,they are an asset to your landscape.



Rusty in Miami said...

I never have seen one down in my part of Florida. Are they native to central Florida?

ChrisC said...

Yes,Rusty,they are.I kind of think of them as a weed tree,as do most tree people.But they are a native wetlands tree,and if you live in an area such as we do(surrounded by lakes)you can't cut them down without a permit.


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