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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 New Things In The Garden


TheHomeGarden posted an assignment for all of us gardeners. 5 new things to accomplish for the garden this growing season.

So,here for Mr.Kotter,ooops-the teacher,is my completed assignment.

Two of which are already completed!

1.Finish off the enlarging of the shade garden.


Check ,done,finito…I planted an Austrailian Tree Fern(on the left ),and added more Flax Lilies to the border.I,also,moved some Peace Lilies into this garden.They were struggling where they were(and were untouched by the freezes!),so,I moved them to better show them off.

2.Add more butterfly plantings.


Check,done,finito……I added more Milkweed,some Pentas, Verbena(Tampa Vervain), and Mystic Spires Blue Salvia.I just need to get in some mulch,but the weather,today,was on the cool side and I just didn’t want to wait to get planting.(do I lose points for this being only semi-completed?I hope not…),so in they went.

3.TheGreatWall is going to rise another two rows.(will this make it TheGreaterWall? Hmmmm….). YardBoy says it must be done while the weather is this cool(not like the middle of July,like I usually do…),so it is next on the list.

4.A veggie garden.A proper one.With raised beds.To go here….


Surrounded by a wrought iron fence,to keep critters out.

5.A greenhouse/potting shed will also be included in this project.I just haven’t shared that with YardBoy,yet……

6.Yep-I have more than five.

Does that get me extra credit on my assignment?

I need(read that as want) a new Mandivillea Vine(preferably red,as before)to replace the one lost in this winter’s freezes.And a Passion Vine!I have always lusted after those!

7.The list goes on…..The front entryway will be tweaked.Made just a tad larger.And I’m leaning toward a water feature of some sort.A bubbly fountain,I think.

8.I could go on and on,but I won’t.These are the projects I really,really,really plan on accomplishing this year.

What’s on your agenda?

Go to TheHomeGarden and share your’s……………



Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Thanks for joining in! You've got a lot on your plate. I agree that now is a much better time than July to work on your wall. Of course I say that and will find myself doing something similar in July I'm sure! Mystic Spires is a great salvia for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. It's not reliably hardy here but I enjoy planting it anyway!

Meems said...

Oh, Chris, you are a busy bee with busy bee ambitions. But isn't that what keeps a gardener moving and shaking! Your shade area and butterfly section are going to be exactly as you envisioned in a couple of months when we start whining about the heat again. :-) If you get your yard boy to build you that potting shed put me on the "next in line list"... I'll PAY.
Have a great day.

NanaK said...

I can't wait to see each project as you work on it. I love the idea of a potting shed. Right now I just want a potting bench. I have "mystic spires" and it did die back to the ground but just yesterday I found it happily growing up to a 6 inch height. I'm so glad because my one hummingbird drinks from it. I always take cuttings to overwinter just in case, but this year the cuttings died. Go figure. They were in the protected porch and their mama was left to fend for herself in the ground.

Melody said...

Sounds like me - always adding just one more thing to the list - lol. Sounds like Yard Boy will be busy:)


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