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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lutz-We Have A Pineapple!!!

In a previous post,we wrote about how we grow and harvest pineapples here at the GreatWall.

This past winter,with all the freezes that came with it,and the three year drought that we are in the midst of,has left us worried that the pineapple plantation might have to shut down.

All of the plants suffered some type of freeze damage.IMG_1986

Some worse than others…….


Some we were really worried about…….


IMG_1983 But the pineapple gods must have been smiling down on us,because lo and behold,we have this…………

IMG_1984 It,probably,will be a much smaller pineapple than normal.I’m sure that the freezes and the present-day dry conditions have somewhat stunted it’s growth.But it’s still a pineapple! After all it's been through,kudos to it!

Fingers and toes crossed that all the other plants recover enough to reproduce,also.They are all receiving lots of TLC.But what we really need is RAIN!!!

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Gayle said...

That is so cool! I remember my mom grew a pineapple plant from the top of a pineapple. Man, it sure was a big, beautiful plant. (no fruit). I hope the rest come back as well. You talk about needing rain, etc. Do they ration water there or can you water your plants/lawn as much as you want?

Unknown said...

Gayle-our county is under the tightst watering restricions we have ever had.No car washing,hand watering of your lawn,no filling swimming pools,etc.But we are on a well,and most of our gardens are behind a locked fence,so.......you figure it out :)


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