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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well,doesn't this just suck !

Sooo,at work,today,I'm perusing all my favorite blogs(it was lunchtime,or it was my break,or I was doing research.....whatever),when,while reading Backyard Gardening,I discovered that Paul James,of Gardening By The Yard,on HgTV(guess they really have dropped the G from their name)has been cancelled!
Excuse my French,but WTF?

The only show left,on that channel,that I really look forward to watching.(That,and Candace Olson,but that's for another time and blog.)

Has HgTV(they will get a lower case g from me,from now on)not kept up with the times?

-Even the Obamas have planted a garden at the White House.
-Everyone's 401K has tanked.
-Unemployment haas reached record numbers.Here,in Hillsborough County,it has reached over 10% !
-Gas is predicted to reach $2.75/gallon by summer.
-Even the President has recommended people start growing their own vegetables.
-Not everyone owns a $1 million dollar home,nor can afford to spend thousands of dollars on landscaping and gardening.Let alone hiring a Landscape Architect.
-People are gardening in record numbers.Just go to any Home Depot,Lowe's,or garden center on a weekend.
-Even the Tampa Tribune used him as a resource in a recent article on our water shortage,and lawn maintenance.

So,what do they do?They cancel the only guy who seems to relate to the average home gardener.

Are they more interested in giving away a multi-million dollar home,that most of us can't afford the taxes on,to someone who makes less that $40K a year?And those winners are going to have to sell it just to pay the taxes on it?

That is why,recently,I have taken up watching PlanetGreen.Maybe Paul James could get a show there?

Or,maybe,someone with tons of $$$ could start a cable channel dedicated to the average homeowner/gardener?
Can we start a movement to tell HgTV that this is a boner move? That HgTV has totally lost touch with their audience?

What can we do about it? Here's where we everyday gardeners can all help.Click here.....
Or we could just let him move to another channel and kick HgTV's collective butt?


Dave said...

The Extension office in Seffner has a ton of information and resources on local gardening and landscaping. Here's the local website:

Here's the statewide website.

Dani said...

He's the only reason I ever watch Hgtv. *sigh*


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