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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And The Rains Came Down......

and down they came!!Along with the wind.I know we're in the midst of a three year drought, desparately need the rain,and when we water that water runs right off the parched soil of our garden,but why does it have to come down like it did this morning?
The weather forecast was for 40% chance of rain,but I'm thinkin' Momma Nature she don't listen to those TV weather guys.'Cause down it came! And it brought high winds,too(The Weather Service is trying to decide if there was a tornado a few miles from us-where's Jim Cantore when we need him?).
It was with great trepidation I came home from work to the GreatWall.What would I find?I wasn't so much concerned with the house(knew hubs would've called with that factoid)but what had happened to the garden?So many things in the veggie garden were getting ready to burst forth.
The lettuce was beaten down...... The sun will come out tomorrow(why is "Annie" running through my head?),so it should perk right back up.
The pole beans were none the worse for wear....

A little saggy on their trellis,but should bounce back.

All of the peppers were troopers,except for one,which ain't looking too happy at the moment.Didn't snap a photo of that one.This one,though,is a real champ!It's GYPSY Sweet Pepper.
The yellow squash look a little beaten down,but not too bad(Insert clapping smiley here!).I'm thinking they should be fine,after they get a little sun.There goes that "Annie" song again!
I was most worried about the tomatoes.And they,actually,looked relieved to have the bad weather behind them.And to have a big drink of water.
I am certainly glad I picked this guy,last evening,though.
Ain't he a beaut?Would've been perfect in a salad,for tonite's dinner,if the lettuce wasn't such a mess.The Swiss Chard took a hit,but it will be salvagable.
It seems like it was the veggie garden that got the worst of the storm.The flowering plants and shrubs look pretty good.
Long time readers of this blog know I worry more about the Plumerias than anything else in the gardens(I'm addicted to them,what can I say?).All of them are doing so well after the freezes of this past winter.Certainly they were set back,but all,except for one,have rebounded(Insert another clapping smiley here).
I am convinced that Plumerias must be female.How else,could they take the setbacks,trials and tribulations that befall them and still bounce back,better than ever? OK-I shall get off my soapbox now.B-u-t ......just think about it......(insert winking smiley here).
The Sweet Onions are bulbing!
All of the flower gardens did great.They,also,looked thrilled with their big-time bath and drink.
African Daisy

Gerbera Daisy
The Gerberas have been struggling,lately.What with the heat and drought we've been having.I absolutely love Gerberas.That's why I put up with all the work that goes into growing them.Yep-I fuss over them.
I worry.....Too much,sometimes. Patience,Grasshopper.....
This is a geranium that I grew from a cutting that I took before this past winter's freezes.It has done incredibly well,if I do say so myself(Insert pat-on-the-back smiley here).
Yellow Crown-of-Thorns
Is it possible to hurt these?And that's why I love 'em.
Yep--the sun'll come out tomorrow...........
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Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I agree that rain caused some damage, but you know Chris - I got jealous looking at all those goodies that you already have in your garden!I can only dream about them, yet! Yesterday, we had hail and then a little of snow!

Gayle said...

I'm glad the garden survived the rains. I always stress when it pours hard here (which really is hardly ever). Your flowers are beautiful. Some of my petunias have poked through the dirt. If I would have started my planting on time I would actually grow the plants longer inside than outside. Pretty messed up, huh?! Keep the photos coming. I love it!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Yes Mother Nature sure has a way of showing us who is boss. Glad your plants did not get too damaged.

Susan said...

Yippee for the rain. We didn't get it quite as hard here as your area. Glad to hear there wasn't too much damage.

Meems said...

Wasn't that rain delicious? And yes, the sun came out today... it was a beautiful day. That tomato is a beaut! I can't believe you have ripe tomatoes already... how great is that!
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for stopping by. Love your reasoning about the pecan pie calories escaping. :) Your flowers are so pretty.
Have a good evening.

Rusty in Miami said...

We need some of that rain down here south Florida, we were supposed to get some early this week but the weatherman was wrong again. Great pictures

Tootie said...

Things are lookin' great at Lutz! :-)


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