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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Florida Wild Poinsettia…..

Painted Leaf, Wild Poinsettia

Poinsettia cyathophora

image from here
I had one growing last year,but something ate it…..
A little internet searching led me to fact that it was the host plant for the Elio sphinx moth….
….stoopid moth ate my plant!!!!!
Turns out they find this native plant quite tasty.
… Okay,I’m over it now….
But it has returned this year!!!!!
Bigger and better than ever!
It’s hard to keep a good poinsettia down….
….stoopid moths better stay away this year!

I know they can be considered invasive,but they are a native wildflower,and as long as the moth caterpillars keep them in check,I don’t see a problem.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very interesting.

Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

Susan said...

That plant is absolutely beautiful. My neighbor had sphinx cats devour every leaf off her papaya tree. Couldn't believe they would eat such big leaves. Those sphinx cats must be hungry little buggers.

David The Good said...

Actually... it looks like you lost a poinsettia... and gained a "cold-hardy cassava," also known as Manihot grahammi. Same family as poinsettia, but not the same plant.

Unknown said...

David-after "googling" I think you may be right.

David The Good said...

I'm the Lawnmower Man of plant geeks.

If you find out if it's edible, let me know. I've had one for two years and haven't found out.

BTW - I just realized I never put your site on my "links" bar. I just fixed that. ;)

Unknown said...

David-it doesn't have anything blooming,yet.If I try it and I'm still around,we'll know it's edible.If I'm not around,well.....


Agreed. Too many times I think the plant police forget about the critters that depend on those plants. Great plant. I wish I could grow it.

Jean Campbell said...

Depending on whose literature you read, Euphorbia cyanthophora (it goes by several other synonyms) is either a glorious desirable native plant or a noxious weed in peanut fields.

One of my wild poinsettias that just appeared here is over 6 feet tall. As soon as it gets red, they are all going before seeds pop.


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