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Saturday, April 13, 2013

On a Mission….

to find a door…..
like this…..
doorvia Pinterest

for here….
What will be the new doorway to the new laundry room/pantry…

   Convinced bribed Erich,the Younger,to go with me.
In case I found the perfect door,I needed someone to do the heavy stuff,so I had to take him to lunch.
We went here.Best burgers ever!
just sayin’

Any who,
we went here….

and I found it!!!
The perfect door.
The perfect size.
42” x 84”
I seriously love the room numbers!

The owner threw in the dummy door knobs and hardware,too.
Because I was too eager to see what was under the paint and tarnish,on these,I neglected to take a photo.
But they cleaned up like a dream.
Just some Brasso and steel wool did the trick.They  still need a protective coat of lacquer.
All for $60 !
                            Edited to add:
       All cleaned up!
I think I’m going to leave it just as it is now.I kind of like the rough,time worn look.It should make for a nice contrast to a sleek,modern kitchen.

Now,I just need to find barn door hardware.

I’ll be at the feedstore…..


Gayle said...

Love it all! Wish it was me getting things done. You've got to take some "whole" photos so I can get the big picture. Especially in the gardens as I have issues with my visualization. Rock it into summer!!`

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How neat that you found 'the door', just meant for you. How are you going to finish the door? The plates and knobs cleaned up nice.

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady


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