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Friday, November 9, 2012

Let’s start a movement!

Preface:I was gonna post some lame-ass post about growing amaryllis,but a FaceBook friend clued me onto this.

Well,the 60’s hippie chick personality in my brain came back to the forefront.and took over from all the other people living in my head,and said,”You need to say something about this,girl.”

Actually,I think she said,”Bitch,do something about this!”



….my sixties,hippie,radical,flower child…


...a total embarrassment to my Conservative parents,I might add,…


...is coming out.


Watch this.

I hope this link works,as the TV station doesn’t give you a link to embed their video…



And wonder…




…As I do…


Cities consider grass more attractive than a garden?


…I’m talking about lawn grass,here.Not the other stuff,which is a whole other discussion…


Grass has no value.

Isn’t it,technically speaking,a weed?


It takes up our water resources.

You can have chickens in your backyard,but veggies in your front yard is a no-no?

In these times,doesn’t it makes sense to grow your own?


Those vegan terrorists!

Guess they need to be stopped,at all costs…….




Edited to add this link:   




Gayle said...

I read where this master gardener sent a letter to the mayor... http://www.floridasurvivalgardening.com/2012/11/orlando-gardener-fights-to-keep-his.html

Crazy to think a tidy lawn is more important than growing food. Apparently neat is more valuable than productive. Seems rather crazy, doesn't it? You would think a compromise could be met. I'm sure they can draft regulations for how to garden that would please both the gardener and the home owner who wants tidy. The irony of it all is that he can have nasty pooping chickens on the other side of the house? WTH???

Unknown said...

Gayle-I added the link to my post.Thanks for the heads up.

Susan said...

Hey Chris, I read about this on Facebook. Don't they know Europeans have been growing veggies in the front yard for eons????. Hope you don't mind but I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out my blog for the rules. :)


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