"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week On TheGreatWall….

After eight days away

(at the beach-yippee!),

it was time to return to gardening duties.Weeding(do you have any idea how many weeds can crop up in just eight days?),watering, trimming…..we all know the drill,right?

But the return brought many surprises……

the Spathiphyllum have returned from their freeze damage…


another plumeria has decided to join the party…..


the veggie garden is doing well….

the grape tomatoes are growing….

IMG_4769 and we soon will have Chinese Eggplant….


the first of the caladiums have returned….IMG_4752 Gingerbread(my favorite)

IMG_4742 the Cannas are blooming….

IMG_4741 now to wait for the return of the Hummingbirds,who love these cannas.We’ve had hummingbirds a few times at the Nicotiana,but I think they love the cannas most of all.

After planting the small butterfly garden,with pentas,Tampa Vervain,lavender,milkweed, cosmos, and butterfly weed,I sat and waited.

And waited….

But if you wait long enough,they will come…..

IMG_4724 and come……

IMG_4725 and come……

IMG_4737 but the most interesting critter to return to TheGreatWall is….

the green tree frog!

IMG_4761 Haven’t seen these around here in years!(I think the Cubano toads may have had an effect on them,and the freezes may have had an effect on them,as we haven’t seen any around ….yet. Fingers and toes crossed on that.)

the Giant Iris are still blooming…..

IMG_4739 and a new container has joined TheGreatWall pool area….

IMG_4762 a  mix of a begonia(don’t you just love the colors of the foliage?),pink Impatiens,and a Caladium that I got at Home Depot…..

and that’s this week’s report from TheGreatWall.

What have you done this past week?

Plans for the coming week?


NanaK said...

Glad you found your garden in good order upon returning from vacation. The trimming and weeding are never ending but can be enjoyable none the less. Just being outside has its benefits. Your veggies look yummy. Those butterfly pics are wonderful. Mostly Gulf Frits have been visiting my garden but I did see a Monarch on the milkweed the other day. Still waiting on the swallowtails.

sanddune said...

Glad to hear the Butterflies are returning for you there. They were scarce for quite a while after the great freeze. It's a positive sign. By the way great pics of the butterflies. Getting them to pose is not always easy.

Susan said...

Your reward for planting all those wonderful perennials is a flurry of beautiful winged creatures. They're so easy to please. Looks like your garden was busy working while you were relaxing at the beach. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

compost in my shoe said...

Me thinks we worry way too much. The garden seems to do it's own thing home or not home........Your's certainly is a pretty picture for spring!

Gayle said...

You grow the most amazing flowers and plants. You are soooo good at grouping colors and various kinds of plants (something I cannot do AT ALL). I just love glimpes into your world.


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