"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend On TheGreatWall……


Not much was accomplished this weekend,on TheGreatWall.

It was hot!

It was humid!

It rained showered in the afternoons!

Oh yeah-we had company…….

Michael,the Elder,arrived with two of our favoritest people.

(Dawn and the future Ms. Emma

-can I have a round of applause for

Ms. Emma?-

arrived today,before the whole kit-and-kaboodle took off for points south).

Soooo,the weekend was pretty much taken up with this……IMG_4853

and this…….IMG_4858

and this,too….IMG_4830 Gotta show the kiddoes your old stomping grounds,and where you got into trouble,after all…….

Some gardening was accomplished.YardBoy gave a tutorial on cutting roses……IMG_4847

And two of my most favoritest men celebrated milestones……

Kyle entered double digits-10!!!!

And my Dad turned 91!IMG_4872

Can I have a woo-hoo!!!!

Chocolate cake for everyone!!!!

So,now it will be back to work.Ripping out the spring garden and getting ready for the fall garden…..

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NanaK said...

Looks like a great day!

Deborah said...

WOO-HOO!!!! Fabulous weekend I'd say! Your Daddy looks in great shape at 91! **clapping of many hands** Deb


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