"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Soooo,you come home from work and are out in the garden…

Checking out all your hard work…


The veggie garden now has a proper gravel and paver pathway.

No more messy,muddy mess…

With a trellised entryway,too!

…and tidying up...


Company’s coming

stay tuned for that


And out of the corner of your eye,whattya see?




…good thing I garden with the camera…

A Florida Banded Water Snake.

Didn’t scare me at all.I knew it wasn’t a bad one.


Thank gawd for the internet….

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Tootie said...

The first time I saw one of those I didn't know what it was! I had to look that one up too. LOL I thought it was pretty scarry!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Pretty cool! On both counts!!

NanaK said...

Having a "living" garden is so cool. (I've learned more about snakes since gardening than ever before.) Love the pretty pavers and trellised entry.


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