"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, July 11, 2011

Me and the Bunny…..

are having a little confrontation.


Yep,this little cutie-pie….


….dontcha just think he’s the cutest thing ever?

….but I caught him red handed!


is eating my potato vine.


It used to be thick and lush,but now,it looks like this….


Time to go to my mother’s bag of tricks.

The moth balls!


It keeps the armadillos and the squirrels away,so,maybe,it’ll work on the bunny…..


….but now TheGreatWall smells like my grandmother’s apartment….


He couldn’t be attracted to this little lady….


Could he?

….ya think?….






Jane said...

I drove past a home on Himes today..and the odor of mothballs was overwhelming...even through the closed windows. Hope your bunny leaves...

We have no more bunnies...but we have a bobcat!!! That keeps the bunny population down...

Tootie said...


NanaK said...

That area of your garden with the bunny lure (er, statue) is looking very nice. I really like that lotus begonia in the background or is that something else?

Unknown said...

Jane-no bobcats here,that I know of.The hawks used to keep the bunnies under control,but not this year.Not sure why.

Kay-yep,that's a lotus begonia.I'm still not sure if it likes its new surroundings or not.Time will tell.

Deborah said...

Oh he is so cute! I used to have a dutch rabbit as a pet lose in my yard, and I would catch him eating my roses, and he would stand up on his hind legs and reply, "Just trimming".
**kisses** Deb


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