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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TheGreatWall’s Wild Side…..

Yesterday,it was the “discussion” with the Marsh Rabbit regarding his dining on my potato vine.


I think the moth balls worked.

Nothing was touched,last night.


Today,I was repotting some plants,

moved a pot

and found this…


A Corn Snake!


….Yea! for cell phones!….


I don’t know who was more scared.

Him ….

or ….


Haven’t seen the bunny,today,either…..



FlowerLady Lorraine said...

YIKES! I would have yelped and run off that's for sure.


NanaK said...

Your not saying....the corn snake ate your bunny are you? Maybe? Well, if you think it would eat an armadillo please bring it over. I've tried putting mothballs in the 'dillo burrows but they just kick them out and keep digging.

Unknown said...

FlowerLady-I think I said something like,"What the @#LL!"

Kay-don't know about the armadillos,but I know I haven't seen bunny rabbit all day.I'm hoping the snake scared it off.I think the moth balls only work on the surface of the ground.When I place them over a bulb or around plants,nothing seems to bother the bulbs or plants.

Gayle said...

Your yard sure attracts a lot of wildlife. Had no idea about moth balls. I have a neighbor having trouble with a rabbit. I'll let her know. Do you think it will keep the turkey out of my garden? She's eaten the tops off all my onions. What a pest.

Susan said...

Uh oh, I do hope the bunny is okay. That corn snake is beautiful but, yikes, they can really give you a scare when you happen upon them. I prefer they live in someone else's yard. ;-)

Deborah said...

Oh I no like snakes!!! Not one bit. Is a corn snake poisonous? EEEEEK.


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