"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Week In The Garden….

The past few days have been hot and dry,here at TheGreatWall. I,finally,had to haul out the hose and do some hand watering.Summer rains?

But along with the dry weather has come somewhat lower humidity.So,by getting in the garden by 7:30AM,I have been able to accomplish things that I’ve been putting off

….by noon,I‘ve been floating in the pool….

With the intention of putting in a cycad garden,I managed to remove some brush out of the back northwest corner…IMG_2776

This area was overgrown with stink vine,wild potato vine,and philodendron,and ants!.All growing in from my neighbor’s yard…neighbors!…

I,finally,had to resort to Round-up and ant killer to get rid of most of it.Right now,the cleared area measures approximately eight feet by sixteen feet.Eventually,I would like it to go another sixteen feet further back….gonna wait until Fall for that…When I was at the Edison/Ford Estate,last May…read about it here…I fell in love with the cycad garden they have,and I want to try replicating that…IMG_2072

…in the newly,cleared space.The cleared area has very early morning sunlight,dappled sun in the late morning and early afternoon,followed by deep shade in the heat of the day.I think it will compliment the shade garden.

But first,I have to make sure all the wild vines are killed off.

Other stuff…..

~The old wash tub,that stands next to the garden shed,has been turned into a planter….IMG_2821

Filled with bits and pieces,and cuttings,that I had no other place for.

~Two more Buddhas have come to live at TheGreatWall….



To me,they add a meditative feeling to the shade garden.Whenever I walk past them,I always stop.And isn’t that what wandering through the garden is supposed to be?

~What’s blooming?

  The Angel’s Trumpets are blooming,better than ever.IMG_2793

  I cannot recall them ever blooming this profusely,and as often.

Orchids are still blooming….IMG_2798

  Stokes Aster…IMG_2800

Gaillardia Sunrita YellowIMG_2811

These are new.I found them at Home Depot.They’re supposed to be a semi-compact form.So far-so good,performance wise,here at TheGreatWall.

Agastache Blue FortuneIMG_2810

There’s been more going on,around here.But that’s for another post…..


I think I hear the pool,and something cold to drink,calling my name….

‘til next time….


Deborah said...

I have serious garden envy going on!!! Everything is so beautiful. Here in the desert, most plants are losing their will to live about this time of year. **sigh** Deb

Unknown said...

Deb-most plants here are losing their will,too.It's an effort,I tell ya.But well worth it.

Gayle said...

I need to sit with Buddah and see if he can bring me peace.

Everything beautiful as always. Can't wait to see what you create in the new space.

Meems said...

That trumpet is glorious. Did I mention how perfect that wash tub is and where you have it located too! Your garden is looking great. It was so nice to take a walk with you throught it this week.
The humidity is back today but I really got a lot done in the garden while the "drier" air lasted.

Susan said...

You certainly have been industrious this past week. I must have missed the lower humidity part :-)

Can't wait to see how your cycad garden turns out...that's a great idea. I've been enjoying my angel trumpet, too. They smell heavenly!

Unknown said...

Gayle-Buddha doesn't bring me peace.I pretend....

Meems-it was so nice to have you here and to see TheGreatWall thru your eyes.

Susan-it's still hot,but for a few days,at least,the humidity was down,here.This has been the best year ever for the Angel's Trumpets!

NanaK said...

I love your washtub planter. Reminds me of my two aunts who used a double washtub just like that until they moved to assisted living sometime in the 1990s. Alas, it didn't get passed on to me.

The cycad garden is a terrific idea. Can't wait to see more on that.


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