"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What To Do…..

on a Saturday,

in July.

When it’s so hot and muggy,even Secret fails you.

Even the pool is hot.

Hot and steamy…

Florida in July…

Not a chance you’re gonna find this gardener out in the garden.

…..did my weeding by 8AM…..

Now,it’s time for some blessed AC!

…Reconnecting with the bro,who by the way is a Landscape Architect,orchid aficionado,fellow blogger,and his home is on a garden tour

stay tuned for that guest post…

in Michigan.And check out some of his photos of his yard,and a cool internet sight he’s found.

Now,regular readers know I LOVE yard-art.

Why else would I have a toilet and a sink as planters?…


as long as it’s tastefully done,of course…


The toilet and sink aren’t tasteful?


I have posted many photos of great garden sculpture and yard art,


this,I must admit,is incredible!

A Rain Tree!


that is also a sprinkler!

Totally sculpted out of copper.

Yep,that’s his yard…

Here’s another shot of his yard…


and another….


And for more neat garden art,check here… 

Brother highly recommends them.

Some are quite $$$,but I’m really loving this one for Emma’s Garden.


Think Emma will like it?


Ross and Dottie said...

Nice, Chris. I promise to either post more after next weekend or send to you.

Gayle said...

The rain tree is awesome and I really love the butterfly.

NanaK said...

Thanks for sharing your brother's blog and those gorgeous examples of yard art. Nothing compares to your toilet of course, but I think Emma will love the sprinkling angel.

Meems said...

An angel for Emma is perfect. How nice to share gardening with your brother. His garden is great and the rain tree is ingenious.


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