"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Friday, July 22, 2011

TheGreatWall is famous……

Leigh Spann,from NewsChannel8,paid a visit to TheGreatWall,last week.She has a weekly gardening spot on the early morning show,on our local NBC affiliate..
…..Guess she heard about the famous GreatWall of Lutz,and wanted to see it for herself…..
Some photos….

That’s Fred,the camera guy.He taught me the easy way to white-balance a digital camera.Yea! Fred!
Here we’re playing a quick game of Simon Says.Simon says,”Hands on hips.”
…. I’m the one with the big hips….

And here’s the video….

or a link to the video….

Now that my fifteen minutes of fame are over,it’s time to get my fingernails dirty and my feet muddy,again.
The garden doesn’t care if you are famous…even if it is only kinda/sorta…or not….
There are weeds growing out there!

Special thanks to Erich,the Younger,for mowing the yard for me …Mom begged…and for acting as photographer of the photography.And for behaving like a good Florida Gator,around a Georgia Bull Dog.


Ami said...

Congratulations! your garden deserves the fame! The sunny garden looks quite filled in already considering it was very new. Wish the video shows more of your beautiful garden :)

Susan said...

Congrats on your newfound fame, Chris. The video was great...you didn't look a bit nervous. And, your garden looks great. All of your hard work has paid off.

Meems said...

You ARE famous! And your garden showed very well along with you as the hostess. Those videos are always too short. But I loved seeing your garden on film.

Floridagirl said...

That was a fun video! Hahaha!!! My kids and hubby clear out real fast too. Congratulations to you and your garden! It all seemed so familiar watching it. Your "Roadside Garden" does look mature for being so new. But where was Miss Emma's garden? I searched for that Queen Emma in the video and couldn't find it.

NanaK said...

You were a great garden hostess on that video. Your garden looked great and you were a natural in front of the camera. How fun!

Unknown said...

Thanks all,for your kind comments.Leigh made it very easy.
They filmed Miss Emma's Garden,but they didn't use it.The Queen Emma crinum had been attacked by lubbers,but has recovered nicely.


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