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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Gaillardia Mystery…

I could have sworn I ordered Gaillardia Burgundy,from Burpee.

In fact,I have the seed packet to prove it…..


But when they bloomed I got Gaillardia Punch Bowl…..


Not that I’m complaining,mind you.

Don’t get me wrong.I love this flower!


I love the play of the burgundy/lavender against the white frilly edges.And it performs just like the old-fashioned Blanket Flower.

”Nope,I don’t need any water.I’m fine…”

“Go ahead-step on me.I don’t care.”

“I am Gaillardia,hear me roar.”

…I’m considering this a happy accident….

Not that I don’t love old fashioned Gaillardia.


I do.

It grows without asking anything from me…

...dontcha just love a not-so-needy plant….?

But I wanted Gaillardia Burgundy.

Back to the catalogue……


Ami said...

Isn't this a happy accident? It is beautiful! I do understand you still want your Gaillardia, Burgundy since it is just gorgeous! I clicked your Gaillardia, Burgundy link, and noticed it says zone 3-9. Hh? No Zone 10? My old indian blanket flowers thrive in my zone 10 garden just like yours, wonder if this type can not take zone 10 heat?

Susan said...

Hey Chris...She's a beauty! I'll bet you were surprised when she bloomed and discovered the mistake.

Gayle said...

40 years ago my mom ordered all her seeds from Burpee. Last year I got some from them and nothing grew. Sounds like something is up in the warehouse! (But at least you got something!).

Meems said...

The thing about any blanket flower is you plant a few and they will seed themselves and you'll have lots more. They are SO easy I've kind of let them have their way around my few sunny spots. I like both kinds you've featured here but if I ordered burgundy ... that's what I would want. :-)


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