"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Friday, May 13, 2011

World Naked Gardening Day……and Why I Won’t Be Participating…


Yep,tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day.And this gardener just cannot join in.

Nope,can’t bring myself to do it.



Here are my reasons…

1.I do enjoy getting down and dirty---wink-wink---but gardening is really dirty,and there are certain body parts of mine I prefer to not have in the dirt.

2.What if I weed eat?

3.Or trim the hedges with the electric trimmer?

4.Fire ants-what if I sat on a fire ant mound by mistake?

5.Mosquitoes- I don’t want certain body parts bitten…..at least,by a mosquito….Johnny Depp is another story,but I digress…..Plus,I think Deep Woods Off would burn.

6.If I didn’t have a t-shirt on,where would I wipe the sweat?And with what?

7.Sunburn.I don’t think I want to spray sun block on certain areas.And some of those areas…well,you get my drift….

8.What if the balloon people,that like to come over our lake,float by?Now,that would give them a treat they hadn’t counted on,wouldn’t it?Or a police helicopter?

9.We have Water Moccasins and Pygmy Rattlers.What if I got bitten? I wouldn’t want my dead,naked,cellulite ridden body to be found by EMS.The paramedics would fall over laughing.And how would my family explain that? “Oh,that’s just Gramma.She was always kinda weird that way….” I don’t think I want to be remembered that way.

10.I really,really,really don’t think my neighbors would like to see this body…..see #9….and,though,I may not care for a few,I wouldn’t do that to anyone.


How are you celebrating World Naked Gardening Day?


By the way,I shall not be celebrating World Naked Biking Day---ewww---,

or World Naked Hiking Day----you could really hurt yourself on this one---,


But,then,I’m just not a joiner…..


compost in my shoe said...

I am going to have to buy more suntan lotion for tomorrow's festivities in the garden! Ooops, you missed a spot.

Gayle said...

Cars that should drive on by would end up driving in my pond if I were in the front yard scaring them with my nakedness. I think I'll skip this one, too. Besides, I'm sure it would deeply scar one or more of my children.

Unknown said...

Compost-I could ay something about that suntan lotion and your missing spot,but I won't......

Gayle-outside of scarring our kids,it's COLD where your are!That would be enough to stop me.

Deborah said...

HA! I won't be attending for similar reasons!!!! **happy gardening** Deb

NanaK said...

So funny, but very good reasons for non-participation. I'm laughed at enough for my orange gardening clogs.


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