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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Road-side Garden….

But without all the traffic,fumes,and noise…

After the County was done with their work,you will remember,I was left with this…..


The dirt was compacted clay/sand mix.The area receives sun from sun up until very late afternoon,when the shade from the large oak reaches that area.Now that summer is here…at least,in Florida,it is…It looked like the side of a highway.So,I decided to treat it as such.Bring in Florida natives and wildflowers.After much digging and a little soil amending,today,it looks like this….


This photo was taken from the opposite angle as the previous.It gets hot out there!…And,yes,that’s a plumeria growing in the big ugly pot...I planted a Clerodendrum,also.I saw them growing in full sun at The Naples Botanical Garden,and figured if they can grow in Zone 10 full sun…and bloom profusely…it will grow in my Zone 9 full sun.And it is.

The idea really took hold when I purchased the Yellowtop,Flaveria linearis,and saw how it took to the area.


The planting I bought was small …I had to get it home in the packed Tacoma…and I’ve been pinching it back to make it branch out more.

Going with the idea of a roadside garden,along with the previously planted Love Grass,African Iris and Giant Liriope divisions,Blanket Flower was moved from the other side of the yard,and Gaillardia Burgundy seeds,from Burpee,were planted…


This is the first to set buds and I couldn’t wait for it to open all the way,before I took a photo.

Rudbeckia was tossed in….


Looks like lips!

Purple Coneflower…..


I love how it mixes with the Gaura…


and how the Gaura looks against a back drop of Love Grass….




Knock-Out roses were also added…Planted following YardBoy’s directions,but these are my responsibility.

A double pink…


And a yellow…


Because the ground tends to stay moist,very little watering is needed.So far,everything has settled in quite nicely,and are making nice with each other.

I just need a Burma Shave sign to complete my own little roadside garden,dontcha think?

Now,it’s time to enjoy a tall,cold glass of iced tea and some chilled watermelon,along with some reading material….


and maybe take a dip in the pool….


Have a great week in the garden……


Tootie said...

Looking great!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You have created a lovely roadside garden, one that will only grow more wonderful and lush with time. Enjoy!

You've done a great job, once again.


NanaK said...

What a great idea for your roadside garden! I have to say though, I've never seen a roadside garden that is that diverse and lovely. Yes, you DO need a series of Burma Shave signs:)

I forgot to say how much I love that pink knockout!

Susan said...

Hey Chris...What a great idea! Oh, so many pretties in this garden...where do I start? I love the burgundy gaillarda. Please do post a pic when its fully opened. Those lips on the rudbeckia are a hoot and somewhat scary. The gaura in front of the love grass is great...very pretty green. I need to get some of that. The coreopsis is a cutie and of course, the roses are beautiful.

Also, the garden around the pool is very tropical...just lovely! All your hard work is paying off.

Unknown said...

Lots of great ideas for tough plants, Christene, and your photos are all the evidence people need to see how beautiful they can be (I think people are sometimes wary when you say "native") The only thing missing is oleander -- that has got to be THE most used roadside plant

Unknown said...

Tootie and Flower Lady-thank you.

NanaK-I love that pink Knockout,also.It's a double and is really pretty when it's covered in blooms.

Susan-the Burgundy Gaillardia is fully open,today,and it;s gorgeous.The seeds were a little pricey,but now that I've seen the flower,I'm glad I spent the money.

Penny-never gonna be any oleander here.A Burma Shave sign,maybe,but no oleander!Or a car up on blocks,either.

Meems said...

Loving your roadside natives, Chris... some great combinations and it looks like you picked some colorful goodies you'll enjoy all summer.


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