"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back To The Garden…..

After eight glorious,restful days of this…


Not to forget visiting with dear,dear friends

(some people have all the luck---living there full time),

It was time to shake the sand out from between our toes,wash the flip flops,pressure wash the lovebugs off the Tacoma,

(am I the only one who thinks they are worse this year,than in years past?),

and get back to TheGreatWall.

But,who was there to greet me,after the loooonnnng,treacherous,trek back from Sanibel Island?


The ever delightful Miss Emma,Kyle and Gina!!!

Is that a great welcome home gift/Mother’s Day gift,or what?!

Sorry,no photos of Kyle and Gina,but those two move waaay too fast for this gardener…

Oh yeah-they brought along those adult people that travel with them.Somebody has to drive,I guess…

I must add that Gina is the bestest at hunting down Lubbers and killing them dead!

Girls rock!


On to the garden….

Erich,the Younger,did his best to take great care of TheGreatWall

he did name it,after all,so,he must feel some ownership---

but why do gardeners always think they are the only ones who can take care of their garden?

.And giving props to Erich,he did a pretty good job….

But the veggie garden was a little overgrown….

lots of tomatoes,green beans,and cucumbers.



and the lawn!

It sooo needed mowing!

and the gardens were a bit weedy…


but nothing a little time and effort couldn’t handle..


A perfect Mother’s Day,for this gardener.

Time spent getting things back in shape….


Sooo,what souvenirs did we bring back,you ask?

Outside of the usual t-shirts(yep- kiddoes got those…don’t all Grammas bring back t-shirts?),

this gardener visited native plant nurseries.

Even if it is a bit more pricey,I would much rather give my money to organizations and nurseries that support native plants,than to some big box store.

Tillsandias from Naples Botanical Garden….


l-Tillsandia “Blue Star”,r-Tillsandia “Sweet Isabel” (my mother’s middle name)-planted in yard-art whelks,found on the beach.

Rain Lilies from Edison Ford Museum nursery…


now,planted on the front entryway…

Simpson Stopper,”Myrcianthes Fragrans”,on the right…..


Yellowtop,or False Goldenrod,”Flaveria linearis”,on the left

each are small,but I had to get them home,in the Tacoma…



“Callicarpa americana”

the previous three were purchased from Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation plant nursery.

and a Banana Shrub…


“Michelia figo”

which my brother picked up for me,at Bok Tower Gardens ,while on his vacation.

Now,that vacation is over,it is time to start giving thought to the fall garden.A little early,perhaps,but I like to plan ahead.

Oh yeah….I have a job to return to….




Tootie said...

I vote for 2 weeks next time. :) One goes by way too fast!

Nice choice of treasures!

Deborah said...

WOW! So much beauty, where to start! Oooooo, most definitely with Emma!She certainly steals the show ♥♥♥ Glad you had a such a wonderful renewal. Three more weeks of school and I plan on doing the same! Hope to be back soon, my friend. **kisses** Deb

Ami said...

What could be better to come back from a wonderful trip with a bounch of great plants, AND have loved ones waiting for you at home for a mother's day celebration, AND a well taken cared garden!!!

Gayle said...

Your knowledge of all those different plants is amazing. I'm not sure I could remember so many names! Aren't vacations wonderful? I wouldn't mind being on one permanently

NanaK said...

Your native plants are going to be a great addition to your new garden bed. And the banana shrub will smell wonderful. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!


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