"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After ten days off,eight of which were spent at the beach,it was time to return to reality.


…..A job…..

…I find working highly over rated,but that’s just me….

So,it was with pleasure I came home from work ,camera in hand,just to wander through garden.

And think of future projects.

Aren’t all gardeners thinking of the next project?

Sneezing my way through the garden

----the ozone level is outta this world!----

I caught a few photos….

A Great Blue Heron,by the water’s edge…




Louis Philippe rose bloom….


Pink Knock-Out Rose…


Drift Rose….


…which isn’t drifting the right way…


…I guess Mother Nature is gonna do what she wants to do…

Double Knock-out Rose…


Bat Faced Cuphea…


love this flower!

Don’t know why,but I do…

…just can’t help loving it’s ugly face…


In the new side garden,growing in full sun from sun-up to sun-down,it hasn’t failed me.

…So far….




What is that?

He is soooo dead….


That’s better!

And what Florida gardener doesn’t love Gaillardia?


or Blanket Flower


…a true fail-safe plant,in Florida gardens…


I have them planted all around the veggie garden,so the bees can have a feast…

Liatris bulbs are finally blooming…


…growing between Chocolate Mint,the first year I have had success with them…

Years ago,we put in a trellis to hide the pool filter.And to drown out the noise.It was planted with Mandevilla and Creeping Fig.The Creeping Fig grew but between the winter freezes and the Lubbers,I thought  the Mandevilla was a gonner.I had totally forgotten about it.I figured it was long dead.Imagine my surprise,today,when I found



…and that is why gardeners never give up hoping…

To hide the view of the veggie garden,from the pool area,this past spring,one trellis---what was I thinking,when I put in only one?--- was put in with Confederate Jasmine.


It has performed beautifully,but the plan is to install a second trellis with more Jasmine.


Can we ever have enough Jasmine?

The scent from just one plant is still over powering….

Between the sneezing,the hazy sky,and the ozone in the air,it was time to retreat to the coolness of the pool.

Time to dunk the toes,enjoy a cool drink---yep,that’s a frozen Margarita---and read the newest gardening book…


It has ideas!


NanaK said...

Getting back home to enjoy the garden is always a good feeling. You have many beauties to enjoy after getting home from that place called "work." How nice to have mandevilla return. I love them but quit buying them because they are short lived for me. That bat-faced cuphea is too cute.

Susan said...

Ahh, may I join you poolside? That margarita and book...by the way, is one I don't own...look very inviting. The perfect ending to a walk through the garden. It's nice to see your garden survived without you for a few days and rewarded you so generously upon your return.

Unknown said...

NanaK-I gave up on mandevillea back when I thought this one was dead.Just too many problems with it.But after a year it has come back,so I guess it's decided to hang around,after all.

Susan-come on over!You don't even have to bring your own drinks.I bought that book at Edison Ford Estate nursery.I have always wanted it,but it was too pricey for my wallet.But when you're on vacation you tend to spend more.Now,I wish I had bought it a long time ago.It's a wonderful book.

Gayle said...

The flowers are beautiful and the pool looks inviting. Doesn't get any better than that.


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