"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, July 6, 2009

Justifiable Homicide ? CSI:TheGreatWallofLutz

You be the judge.......................

The crime scene....................... The victim's body with the yellow crime scene tape.blood and guts spatters outlined in red.

The alleged perpetrator's defense:

"This sucker was eating my Spathyphillum,dammit! His friends had already done a number on my Ostica Blue Eye,and they were moving in on my Bamboo Palm.I couldn't take anymore!

And the voices kept telling me to do it,before it became too late!

What else could I do? I had to save my family,didn't I?

Yep,I smashed him with my foot!I'm not like other people(meems)who cuts their heads off.At least,I smacked him good!That sucker deserved to die.

Don't you see?They're going to take over everything if somebody doesn't stop them!I have done the world a favor!

Go ahead---take me away.I am willing to sacrifice myself for the world of gardening.

Oh yeah,I want a lawyer.

And a jury of my peers( just make sure they're all gardeners)."


Prospero said...

There are plenty lawyers that will take on a hopeless case like this (mostly for the sheer publicity).

Jake said...

I think the right actions were taken here, lol. This an example of Florida and it's horrible outdoor things.


Meems said...

Gosh, Chris, how could you be so cruel? (innocent voice)That poor Eastern Lubber was only trying to eat its way into never-never land.LOL

All kidding aside... I admit to tracking these evil hoppers down and by any means available at the time systematically disposing of them. I've stepped on a few this week, as well as 'pruned' their heads off... whichever comes first and easiest. And ... it gets worse... I have not one shred of remorse. :-)

Since I KNOW these fellows have been around since about March this year (in their first stages)when I see them as full grown hoppers -- it makes me wonder how many of my plants it took for them to get this size.

Shellbelle said...

Okay, I'll comment after I stop laughing my head off!

BTW, you haven't been back to see the comment Pam left you on Sunday, so I'm letting you both know I'm going to hit "publish" at 2:00 pm this week to give you both equal footing.

The murder of this poor critter was justifiable given the circumstances. RIP.


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