"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Happens On the GreatWall When We're Not Home....

Haven't you always wondered what went on in your garden when you weren't there to keep an eye on things?We did,and this is what we found,today.

Where did this marigold come from?It is growing in a pot with a plumeria.Neither of us can remember planting it......How did it get there?We have no idea,but we think it's kinda cool. We have bananas!We thought they all had died off,this past winter.But taking a stroll down by the pseudo-lake front,we found this one hanging on.
The Angel's Trumpet, that we thought had died in the Great Freezes of '09,recovered,and have buds!
An orchid that I had trimmed.And my dad-the Orchid King-said,"Plant that piece,and it should grow." Doubtfully,I did.And it did!The man knows more about orchids than I could ever hope to learn.
So,I tried it with another piece,and it is starting to grow,too!What kind of orchid either of them is,I have no idea.Guess I'll find out,down the road.......Isn't that the fun part of gardening?Trying new things,and seeing if it works?

And when the parents aren't home,the kids will play!

In the water.....

In the plants.......

And I spied a trouble maker in the midst!You don't really want to know what happened to this one,do you? I could see where he had been,and I decided he wasn't gonna do that anymore!Need I say more? But there will be no viewing before his funeral.
If you offend easily,you may want to close your eyes with the next photo.

Obviously,weird things go on while we're away from the GreatWall.
Garden porn has come to the GreatWall! What shall we do?!
You may want to take a closer look at your garden,and what happens in it when you aren't there.It's incredible!
I'm just saying.........


Unseen India Tours said...

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Prospero said...

Sometimes when I go away, I notice that the snapdragons install themselves in the family room. It must be the new big screen TV.

My bananas are very slow this year (lack of rain). My daturas are blooming, and my plumerias are budding.

You gotta love those bugs in the garden!

Shellbelle said...

Hi Chris and Jon! Swam over to see how your garden's doing these days. I lost my small Angel Trumpet fro our cold winter, but have started another.

You really need to get in on Outdoor Wednesday, everyone would love the pics of your garden!

As for the marigold showing up, I'd venture to say it was a bird passing over or on the wings of wind. Isn't it wonderful to find surprises?

Anonymous said...

My angel trumpet died over the winter too, but now it is about 5 feet tall and forming her trumpets. I am not one bit sorry about those Lubbers. I agree, there is a lot of fornicating going on in my yard as well. I wouldn't touch that line with a ten foot whatever.


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