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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning On The Great Wall.....

I was up very early this morning,strolling around TheGreatWall.Camera in hand,of course.

I could have taken pictures of the mess of a side yard,but,instead I thought I would focus on the high-lights of the garden.The plants that have done the best,in this wacky weather we have had this past year.Numerous freezes,followed by heat and drought,followed by the summer rains.

This is the second time this year,the Angel's Trumpet has bloomed.And this time,it is blooming even better.This is the Angel's Trumpet that was frozen to the ground,this past January.It has been a delight this year! I have removed the lower leaves,and I'm trying to give it more of a tree form.This seems to accentuate the flowers.

Thank the Lord for Caladiums! In the heat and humidity of the summer Florida garden,they truly shine.When everything else has either died from the heat,or rotted from the humidity and rain,Caladiums just save the day.The freezes seemed to have helped them,too.
The Bananas are thriving,too.I don't recall what type they are.I got the original plant from my Dad over 30 years ago.They aren't suited for eating,like a "Chiquita-type banana." They have a some-what bland taste.But they are delicious fried with some butter and brown sugar!They also make delicious Banana Bread!

One of our three Staghorn Ferns.This is the mother plant to the other two we have,one of which you can just make out in the upper right of the photo.It has gotten so large that it has to be hung with a heavy chain,and it took both Jon and Erich,the Younger,to hang it in one of our oak trees.Even then,they could only get it 3 feet up off the ground.So,there it shall stay,I guess,for all of Eternity.They have both refused to move it ever again..............wimps!

A visitor to the garden this Sunday morning........Uh-oh,best head in..........................Big storm a - brewin'

After the storm passed,back out I went(Camera in hand,again.You never know what you'll find in a garden.).

The Mandivillea........

It,too,seems to love summer time,in Florida.

There's trouble in paradise,though.
The storm managed to take down a branch from one our Bay Laurel trees. Bay leaves,anyone?
While checking on the bromelliads,I found this guy,just hanging out on a Sunday morning.
Perfect spot for a toad,don't you think?

Just another summery Sunday morning,on TheGreatWall.................

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Carrie said...

Enjoyed seeing various elements of your garden areas.
I also did a share a Garden post this week:
Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage

Anonymous said...

I love that you took the lower leaves off of your Angel Trumpet. I am awaiting the second bloom of ours.I too marvel at caladiums..mine are first year and I am so pleased. My staghorn is a pathetic little thing, mounted on a tree board. We had lots of rain, but no high winds thank goodness. I like Mr bufo toad, and I am noticing that great big Norfolk Island Pine. I hope you are having a wonderful Birthday!

Jake said...

Wow, look great. I have a bunch of Caldiums that I just posted that are growing in full sun, crazy! I thought they had to grow in shade, defintely in Florida.


jabblog said...

Interesting post - hard to believe that parts of the 'civilised world' have difficulties growing many plants! . . . but why would I think that?? . . . can't grow bananas outside here in the UK . . . how insular can I get? . . . rambling here . . . ;-))

Meems said...

Thanks for the colorful and tropical stroll, Chris. Your angel trumpet is stunning and I like your idea of trimming the bottom leaves off to show off those amazing flowers.

So good of the toads to make their home in our gardens. Eat away, Mr. Toad, there are plenty of slugs of delicacy!

I didn't expect it to be raining this morning... I had big plans for a day in the garden. Hmmm... maybe I should get some housework done. Boring.

Prospero said...

Those white Daturas are simply magnificent. Our bananas are musa paradisiaca. They are smallish in size, but very sweet. Your Mandivillea is exquisite.


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