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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who Knows What The Future Holds ???

I do!!!!!!!

For today's Share A Garden Sunday post,I thought I would share the backside of TheGreatWall,and our future plans for the gardens that surround "TheWall."

In these photos,wherever you see landscape timbers,they will be replaced with another GreatWall. Albeit,mini-me walls.........I hate

landscape timers.They rot,attract ants,I could go on and on,but I won't.

This garden goes around to the good side of the yard(more on the bad side,later) I love curved pathways!On one of the gardening programs on HGTV(I think),the host said,"When walking through a garden,one should always wonder what lies around the corner."
I love that thought!

This is part of our expanded shade garden.Notice the landscape timber in the background.

It's gonna be


This is one set of steps leading up to the pool area.In the lower left-hand corner,a landscape timber.

Outta here!

(And I need a birdbath for this garden.)

This is "The Path To Nowhere." I had extra pavers and no where to put them,so this is where they went.Actually,it has worked out fine,as they allow me access to fuss over the orchids and bromeliads,without stepping on plants.

Now,for the future...................

As I have been posting about all along:One side of our yard will be dug up by Hillborough county,this fall.So,I thought,

"Why not take the fellow garden bloggers on a tour?"

Shall we begin?
This is the future home of my potting shed.

Because I am tired of this.............

and this............

I need,and want,a proper area for repotting plants,growing cuttings,etc.As an added bonus,it would be a place to protect tender plants,if we should have another winter like the past two.

This is a view of the future Tropical Garden.The dining area of TheGreatWall overlooks this area,so it will be a wonderful place to sit and have dinner.I hope to achieve that look by using Florida native plants(and I shall be enlisting the help of Meems-whether she knows it or not- to achieve that look).

I really don't want to spend another cold winter(at least to us Floridians,it was cold!)covering and uncovering tender tropicals.

This is the future home of our new veggie garden.To the right,will be the potting shed,and the compost pile shall be moved to behind the shed.Jon will be building raised beds.We've found veggies grow much better in raised beds.

All of the cypress trees will be taken down(Can you say,"MULCH?"),the fence replaced with a brand new one,new topsoil and sod brought in,and at no cost to us(except for the taxes we already pay...).

How can you beat that deal?

Posted for Share A Garden Sunday,hosted by Artie,over at Color Outside The Lines.Thank you for hosting,Artie,and I am sooo glad we're back at it,again.

As an extra bonus feature,I thouht I'd include a photo I snapped,last nite,of a visitor to TheGreatWall.
Meet Mr.Bufo,an invasive species of toad.They have managed to decimate most of the native population of toads and frogs.They only eat protein,are poisonous to small animals,do not eat mosquitoes,and can be quite aggressive.A shovel to the head usually takes care of them........or you can always take a pitch fork to 'em,but they move fast,so you'd better aim good!

For size comparison,that's a plastic soup bowl-our cat's food dish.


Carrie said...

Your garden plans sound great...and what you've done already is very pleasing.
My post is at:


Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage

Jake said...

Sounds like a great plan? Why is the county paying for it though? A shed would take up my postage stamp yard. I miss my old shed for storage and such at my last house.

That frog was HUGE,


Unknown said...

Jake-the County is paying for it as it's part of their drainage plan to connect the 2 lakes we live between.One of neighbors floods whenever it rains.He complained enough,so after the EPC gives the final ok,they'll get started.There will be many blogs about,that's for sure.

Rusty in Miami said...

You have a big job ahead of you, I am looking forward to see the finish product. I am also building a vegetable patch this fall. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I thought I was at Meem's place by mistake in some of those pictures. It is going to be fantastic! My potting shed is my spa change room but I do have a potting bench in there, and it has a tile floor so I may just have to get it into shape. I want to use it for potting orchids.I wish you luck with the vegetables. I am not impressed with the results I have seen in other folk's gardens here. People out of state think everything grows here with no problems and like magic. I say, "in your dreams buddy"..I used to think that too.

Prospero said...

What plans. Even Mr Bufo must be impressed.

Unknown said...

Sue-I could only wish it was Meems garden!I so want her garden when I grow up!I agree on the veggie garden thing.It is sooo much work,but I keep at it.Don't know why....
Prospero-Mr Bufo hates me.And I reciprocate the feelings.I found they really,really hate rubbing alcohol poured on them.They get really PO'd. w00t!!!

Shellbelle said...

What a great deal you're getting from the County! Pinellas tore up part of my front yard earlier this year and just left it! Granted it was a small area, but still.

I can't wait to see your plans progress. The toad? Sorry. I don't have those, but I do have the tree frogs here that eat our native tree frogs and the lizards. The extension service recommended catching them in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer as a way to euthanize them humane way. I use the freezer in the garage for this gruesome task. I like our native species and I want them to be around for a long time.

I just hope we never get those pythons in the Everglades up this far. 150,000 already! I'm glad they finally put that bounty on them and I hope Bill Nelson is able to get that bill past making it illegal to import such critters.

Oh my plumeria seeds are sprouting, so exciting.

Unknown said...

Rhonda-I'm betting you have Bufo's too.The Extension service here says to do the freezer thing, too.We find the pitchfork thru the body works just as well.Plus it saves space in the freezer.

Unknown said...

And I wonder of those pythons taste like chicken.......

Meems said...

oooohhhh... my ears were burning...

I love seeing so much of your garden, Chris. It is going to be challenging but fun to get to finish up when the county gets done. Of course I'll be glad to put my two cents in the mix when the time comes.

I've wanted a potting shed for so long... can't wait to see yours.

Oh, and I hate my railroad ties, too. Hate them. Oh I just said that.

I have big visions for 'exactly' what I'd like to do in their place. If only...

Unknown said...

Meems-you can put your $ 's worth in.I more than respec your opinion,thoughts,and taste.

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

Nifty plans for this transition. A few years ago I undertook such a project. Although it took a long time and a lot of effort, it was well worth both ... and the continual maintenance too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


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