"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This and That.........

To start off with,none of this is my fault!

Blame it all on Meems at Hoe and Shovel.If she hadn't gone on and on about how great her favorite nursery was,I never would've gone there,today.
And I wouldn' t have spent $$$$.

But....after renewing my driver's license,and seeing how crappy the picture was(as usual),I figured I needed a treat.

"Hey,why not go to that nursery Meems is always raving about?" I said to myself.
Self said,
So off the Tacoma took(I love,love that truck!-It sooo knows me.)
Yep-I could've spent a fortune there,but I did exercise restraint.

I figured I',m gonna need the

when it comes time to re-do the mess Hillsborough County creates.

I soooo have plans.................
(but I digress.)

Yes,I bought some things.Who wouldn't?
But,only a few.

I only bought a few.
I did only buy
a few.
So,here we go................

For the planters by the pool..................

Purple Elephant Ears.

I'm usually not a fan of Elephant Ears(they can be so invasive),but I really was drawn to these,and I figure if I keep them in a container,they should stay reasonable.

For the shade garden...............
Farugium Japonicum........
it likes moist,shade.And we have the most perfect spot for it,in the shade garden,under the oaks.
And it it has the most delicious yellow flowers,in the fall!

I think this guy got lost,on his way to the beach....................

The orchids have decided to act like they're on steroids.

Who ya gonna call?


His advice was to cut the new growth off and try to root it.

How do you think he put his advice?

"Please,don't overwater them.Could you please just try to have patience?For once?"

Hmmmm....I wonder what he mean's by that?

So.patience,it is...........................

And I think we have a Chrysallis!!!!!

Where the others went,we have no idea.
But this guy was on another parsley plant.He disappeared,yesterday.
And I found this on a Gerbera Daisy,today.

Ain't Florida gardening fun?


Meems said...

Oh, that photo on the DL is highly over rated... don't lose any sleep over it.

Sooooo... you DID buy some good stuff! If I had a sunny, moist area I'd plant those elephant ears everywhere... the dark ones that is. I'm not a fan of the plain green ones.

That Chrysalis looks just like one I've been watching of the Black Swallowtail... aren't they amazing!!!

I have a feeling the Tacoma is going to take off toward the nursery again and you aren't going to be able to do anything to stop it.

Prospero said...

Good choices. Colocasia is not invasive at my place. Maybe you get more rain, or your soil doesn't drain as well.

I know nothing about orchids, and as an act of pure defiance - do not grow them.

Gayle said...

Yes, Florida gardening does look like fun. I'm still very new into the experimenting stage of trying to figure out what will grow and what won't. You have so many choices! Beautiful.

Jake said...

I am glad to see you bought an Elephant Ear, they are one of my favorite plants. Mine haven't been invasive here in FL so far. The common green ones were actually a little invasve in KY, I left them in the ground and they came back in the springs. Hardier then most think and they would pop up in the yard.


Anonymous said...

Love that Farfugium! I think I need one. Yes. I blame my buddy Meems for getting me into this whole sweaty Florida gardening thing. It started with the Caladiums and it hasn't stopped. We love it don't we? My orchids are so water soaked from rain..no wonder they won't rebloom.


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