"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When God Hands You Lemons.....

(Note: I did some research on the names of the plants we used,and went back and edited to show the names.)

Make lemonade!
Or,in this case,get out the shovels,pruners,weed-eater,garden forks,rakes,and a couple of containers of Round-Up,and create a garden.

Most of the plantings are in. Now everything just needs time to adjust to their new home,and fill in. The only thing we didn't manage to get planted were the azaleas.That was on the schedule for today,but we awoke to rain,wind,and a cool front passing through.In this part of Florida,we do need the rain(we're in a 10 year drought,so they say),but why couldn't the rain wait until tomorrow? Ahhh,the life of a gardener.Learning to work with the whims of Mother Nature,I guess.

Here are a few of the plantings that went into the former-jungle-garden.Don't ask me names.I just pick the ones that I like.Ones that will grow in the conditions of the planned garden.
l-Heuchera Hybrid 'MELTING FIRE' R-Calibrachoa 'MINIFAMOUS ORANGE'
I love the combination of these two together.They're in a planter,and I cannot wait for them to fill in.
I have always wanted to plant Violas,and now I can! This garden will be a perfect place for them to grow.Semi-shadey,with dappled sunlight from the oaks.
This plant should grow about 18" tall,so it's planted behind the re-located liriopes.I think it will give a nice effect.At least,that's my hope.If it doesn't,I'll just plant something else.
Plectranthus 'MONA LAVENDER'
Onward to the new cactus garden.As mentioned in the last post,we turned the big-ass stump from the big-ass schefflera into a cactus garden.This area of the yard gets sun almost all day,so the cacti should do well there.Please ignore Jon's canoe in the background.It could turn into a container garden,if he doesn't find a place for it,SOON.
The stump has been covered and surrounded with rocks,with the pots nestled in between and around the rocks.
I'm trying out these plantings around the rocks,too.Just to add some color to that space.If they do well,I'll add more of them.
This one grows taller,and the following one is a mounding type.They actually,look good together.

Calibrachoa 'MINI YELLOW'
I always garden with my camera,so I was lucky enough to catch this female Cardinal.Just sitting there,checking out what was going on.Actually,I think she was waiting for me to move on,so she could use the bird-feeder.But I had to take her picture first.....
Since,Mother Nature has forced me to take a break,today I will turn my attention to the other side of the yard.The area where we can't do anything(because of the previously mentioned drainage project by Hillsborough County-"Get on it guys!! Don't you realize I have plans?!"),and is rapidly turning into another jungle.We have tempoarily re-located all the plants that we want to save.So,today,I think I will put my plans on paper,and complain and whine about how slow government works.....


Meems said...

You all have been busy. I took a break today too with the crazy wind and gloomy skies. It was actually welcomed.

You've picked out some nice plants. Now let's hope it stays cool enough that they won't wilt on you too soon. They all, with the exception of the mona lavender, like our spring but not our summer.

The yellow daisy is a called a bush daisy and it LOVES the sun. They bloom practically all year. All of mine did well through the freezes, too. I highly recommend them now because of it. Happy gardening!
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Tootie said...

Nice work, gardners! :-)

Unknown said...

Meems-thanks for the ID.Just hoping it doesn't get TOO cool the next few days.

Randy Emmitt said...

Nice cactus garden, don't mind Jon's canoe it adds adventure to the garden. We like to canoe in Ocala National Forest when we can slip away for 4-5 days. Not often enough. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tink *~*~* said...

Container gardening is the best - had a container garden when I lived in the chicken coop. I like the idea of a cactus garden - won't need much watering at all.

Tink *~*~*

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots. your garden looks lovely. I never had such success in Florida.

Dani said...

I do a lot of my gardening in containers, too. Seems to be the best way for me.


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