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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We Have An ID On The Perps

Yep,Jon found out who's been taking the blue marbles from around the fire pit,and spreading them around.It's otters!
He caught them very early,this morning,having a field day with them.He was using his night scope to find out what was going on,and said they were so cute,but scampered off when he finally turned the lights on.I wish we had some type of motion camera that could capture a picture of them.Just for evidence,of course.In case,this should ever go to court.......
We love that they're here,and feel comfortable to come up onto the pool deck but couldn't they at least put the marbles back,when they're done?
We have another perp,too.This neighborhood has gone downhill,I tell ya!
Something(an armadillo)tore up the woodland garden I planted last weekend.Thankfully,Jon replanted eveything before I got home from work.
So,it shall be moth balls spread all around,til the critters learn to leave my stuff alone.It works on raccoons,cats,dogs,and 'possum.I just don't know if it works on armadillos.Guess we're gonna find out.Worth a shot anyways.The down side is the garden will smell like mothballs,until it gets established enough to be able to take the ravages of the wild armadillo.....

On the upside,the weather has been gorgeous,lately.One couldn't ask for more perfect weather.Cool nights,hot days,low humidity.All the plants are starting to come back from the cold and freezes of this past winter.
Why do I have to work?I should be home,playing in the garden.


Tink *~*~* said...

I would LOVE to have seen your otters! LOL! My gardenia is coming back from the cold snap - all the leaves fell off, but there's new green now. Hoping it actually flowers!

Tink *~*~*

Unknown said...

I wanna see them too,but I refuse to get up that early,just to peer thru a night scope in hopes of catching them.I would scold them and them to put things back where they found them....grrrrr

Meems said...

Otters ... now that's something I haven't had to deal with. Armadillos on the other hand are my garden nemesis... I swear they smell when dirt has been shoveled. Never fails when something is newly planted out they will root around in whatever it is. I'm convinced there isn't anything redeemable about those critters.

If you put out moth balls do you think it will affect the beneficial bugs like bees and butterflies?
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Gayle said...

Otters? Are you near a river or lake? I would never have guess otters. Ug! Critters in my garden would irritate me to no end. The only thing that affects my garden is the big giant moose in the fall. They will come and wipe out all your vegetables in one night. Our fence is almost done. It happened the first year, but they didn't come last year. I am so obsessive compulsive...I would sit up and wait for the little buggers. I did that once with a fox. Caught it at about 4 am eating the dogs food while the dog was at the end of its chain inches out of reach! I had a cool camera that did night vision. Maybe Joh will catch them for us.

Unknown said...

Meems-my mother always swore by moth balls(not the crystals), around her flowering plants.They only last long enough to teach the animals to stay away.We've tried them before,and it doesn't seem to effect the insects.Just the animals.

Gayle-Jon's nightscope will mount on a camera,but the only camera we have that we can do that with is the old 35MM.We'd have to buy an adapter for my digital camera.Thankfully,we don't have the moose problem that you have.

Unknown said...

I LOVE otters. They are right up there with little goats and baby pigs. I always have to go watch them and get pictures when taking the Grandsons to the zoo.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

We love our critters too, but sometimes the are way too full of mischief.


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