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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Has Sprung On the GreatWall !!!

Am I the only person who gets up in the early morning hours(as soon as it is light enough to see),who goes out into their garden just to peruse the state of the land?In their jammies?

This morning,I get up,and what do I find?But pseudo mass destruction.My first thought was,WTF? The Van Hyning Cockles that I collected from Cayo Costa and Ft.DeSoto,and which we use as mulch around the potted plants on the Cantina,were strewn everywhere,including in the pool! The oyster clusters that have been under the Cantina Kitchen bench were all spread around.The yard-art whelks were all topsy-turvy and spread all over.The blue glass marbles that are under the fire pit were scattered like someone was playing marbles(we are still finding them this evening!).

Now,anyone can tell you,I love shelling in the early morning hours.But only if it's a minus low tide,a front has blown through,and the company is great(ok-I don't mind being by myself),but shelling in your swimming pool is not what I like to do.Especially,in my jammies.Now,if I was on
Sanibel Island,it might be a different story.But I'm in Lutz,and it ain't quite the same.But,I digress.....
We are of the mind it was one dumb raccoon,or some playful otters(the marble thing...).We're leaning towards the dumb raccoon.
Pretty much all cleaned up now.And,now,onward to the arrival of Spring on The GreatWall....
Birds bathing ........
After the Great Freezes of '09,the plumeria all show signs of life.
Including the contraband plumeria.They may not bloom this year,but they're all still alive!

This poor pineapple really took a hit from the freezes,but lo and behold,it's trying to put out a pineapple.The Pineapple Plantation may still be in business,after all.

Pole beans have spouted.

Wild bromeliads are blooming(is that the correct term for what bromeliads do?)

Underneath the Norfolk Island Pines,we have started to put in a woodland garden.We still have a ways to go on that project.The plantings are in,but we need to lower part of it,so we have good water drainage.If and when the summer rains start.....

Next,we need to have a couple of yards of topsoil brought in,and,also,some sod.For the back corner(once known as The Jungle)we already have a bench that we made out of the old cypress beam(from our rotted out entryway).Once we get the dirt in,and the sod laid,it will go there.It's never ending work,but great satisfaction.Not to mention,a great work-out.

Now,it's time for this(what a great gardening companion she is,isn't she?Someone has to take care of napping.):

And this:


Gayle said...

Can you shoot the raccoon and make a hat? If you need me to fly down and take care of that for you I'm looking for a reason to vacation! I'm pretty sure that is what I would do if he was destroying my yard. I had a fox stealing chickens last year and the only reason she lived was because she was faster than me. The moose ate the apple trees, but my fence isn't done so that is my fault. And the damn owls...what can I do other than put a bubble over my 2 acres. Wildlife...can be such a pleasure or such a pain. I LOVE your bird bath. I am always gonna get one and never do. I'm definitely adding one to my garden this year.

Unknown said...

Come on down!!! Puh-lease bring the Wee-People tho.

Tootie said...

Loved the story, and the spring garden tour.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Bathing birds....a tabby cat....signs of Spring....a pineapple (my absolute favourite, NOT FAIR that we can't grow them in Scotland!!)....this post has it all for me! Thanks for your visit, which in turn brought me to your lovely blog!
Have a relaxing Sunday :o)

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Nice! I like the pole bean picture, such an innocent green color! Kitty is sweet and the last picture is a reminder for all of us - don't overwork, enjoy!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I love to sit in my garden in the evening, glass of wine to sip on, while admiring all the work I have put in. Bring on the warm weather, I am getting cabin fever, and it did not help this morning, to see a light drift of snow falling.

Anonymous said...

It'll be great to be able to witness those surroundings on a quiet afternoon.
Have a good week ahead!!

Unknown said...

Love your pictures..
A glas of red goes after back breaking garden chores, why not!
Your cat is adorable ..looks like ours:)
We have our garden critters too..who eat bulbs, destroy our lawn, live under our garden shed and chase after our cat. It's called wildlife.
We cannot command Nature except by respect her.
- Cheers from Canada!


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