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Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the Rain Came Down.....

After months of no real measureable rainfall at the GreatWall,last night the blessed rains arrived!It has been incredibly windy and dry the past week,especially yesterday.with temperatures in the 80's.It was so windy,yesterday,we had to restake the tomatoes and the peppers.
But the arrival of a cool front(highs in the 70's)during the night brought rain!We had fears that it would be a pounding thunderstorm,but thankfully it was just an all-night steady rain.And on and off again showers this morning.
So,the GreatWall is looking all perky and green this morning.

This is my new favorite plant.You know how sometimes you are just drawn to a certain plant and you can't have enough of it? It's Plectranthus Emerald Lace,shown in the upper photo with a coleus.Below,it's in a planter with a mini-variegated ivy.There is also a red begonia in the same planter.
We planted Gaillardia grandiflora amongst the vegetables.so far,the bees are having oodles of fun.And this morning,after the rain,it is sitting up all happy.
The bees are also loving the Bacopa we planted in the large containers of Plumeria.Those two plants look so beautiful together.
Since it's to be on and off rain all day,I guess my attention will have to be diverted to cleaning,or some other boring chore.
Come on out,sun!!!!


Meems said...

Oh blessed liquid from heaven! We have been SO dry and since this is our typical dry season it is a very WELCOMED rain. We got more than I thought we would get so all the happier it makes me.

Like your favorites. Did you plant your Gaillardia from seed?

Unknown said...

Nope-I cheated and bought a plant.Everywhere I went,they were out of Gaillardia seeds.Must be the new rage in plants,or something.


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