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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What,Me Worry?


Alfred E. Neuman

After one and a half winters—this one isn’t over,yet -- of freezes,I have given up covering and uncovering.

What makes it,makes it.What doesn’t,doesn’t.

If I really love ya--Dad’s orchids--,you get to come up to the covered patio.


and get a warm blanket and Christmas lights….these are going to stay here for awhile.Until I am certain there will be no more freezing weather.

And for Susan,from Simply Susan,who requested a photo of my Dad’s 50 year old Cattleya orchid.orchids

The original plant is in the middle of the pot.Over the years,numerous cuttings have been taken and passed along.It is due for another trimming,but I have fears I may do it wrong.And I would never forgive myself if something happened.Dad’s advice was to just leave it alone.I think I will….

The veggie garden does get a swaddling with frost cloth and blankets,but that’s it.The rest of you guys are on your own.You’ll have to prove your worthiness to me.

I know the Angel’s Trumpets will come back…

 As will the plumerias…..They both always do. 

Even the Crotons will come back….Every Spring,I take cuttings.Just in case.It doesn’t hurt to have some back-up,after all. 

The bones of TheGreatWall are Giant Liriope,Variegated Flax Lily,and Mondo Grass.IMG_1294

Most of the color here comes from container plantings.IMG_1284

Easily switched out with the seasons.And easy to move up to the covered patio……And a great spot for wine bottles……fill ‘em with Christmas lights.It makes for a great display in the evening.

We do have some in ground plants……IMG_1268

Who doesn’t love Camellias?

and we have different varieties of Farfugium,including Leopard plant…I neglected to take photos,sorry…

But the plants that can take the cold and never even flicker an eye-lash are the winners here…….

Who doesn’t love Sweet Alyssum?IMG_1288

Mixed with Geraniums…or anything…I love to brush against it just to catch a whiff of its wonderful scent.

Pansies and petunias….IMG_1286


I originally posted the above photo here…

Flowering Kale…..IMG_1166

Blanket Flower is still going from last Fall…..IMG_1269

and the Cabbage is super duper happy,forming heads.IMG_1290

Corn beef and cabbage anyone?Is Stuffed Cabbage more your thing?Maybe Cole Slaw?

YardBoy’s Collards,Turnips and Onions just laughed at the frost and freeze.

So,why should I worry when we have all this beauty growing all around us?

In time,I’ll have my tropicals back.

Rule number one is, don't sweat the small stuff.  Rule number two is, it's all small stuff.

~Robert Eliot


Meems said...

I am SO with you on this one, Chris. It is happening too often and I don't have the time to worry. Lots more cold hardy plants are my focus... which still leaves room for the pretties. Love your colorful flowers... this is the time of year we can enjoy some fun ones that won't hold out in the humidity.

Susan said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for posting that pic of your dad's orchid. I'm with you...I don't think I would touch it. You definitely don't want to lose it. All your winter flowers are looking lovely.

NanaK said...

I think your outlook is a good one for this current winter weather cycle for Florida. I just don't have a desire to worry about rushing out to cover everything. I do cover a couple special plants and the tomatoes, bring in the orchids but beyond that I do nothing. I'm confident the plants will be back in the spring and really, most of the time, even covered they don't look all that great until spring anyway.

What a special orchid you have from your Dad.

Deborah said...

Oh I am so with you there. I stopped covering the plants for frost too...nature's natural pruning. Even for my koi garden, I just put up the umbrellas if it is going to freeze and water the earth. But I know you can get a much harder freeze then we usually do. Beautiful photos. I love the play of light and shadow in them.
**happy gardening** Deb

Gayle said...

I can't imagine the stress involved with worrying/keeping everything from freezing. It would make me nuts. Around here everything is going to freeze and die so I enjoy it for about 3 months if I am lucky and it's gone. You have such wonderful variety in your gardens. Makes mine so blah.

gpc said...

How wonderful to have things growing this time of year!


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