"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, January 9, 2011


“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”
Steve Martin

Amidst all the dead stuff brown and mud that exists around TheGreatWall these days,it seemed time to take the camera and find some sunshine….

Every year,I absolutely,positively must have pansies…..cats

They remind me of my mother.Every year she planted pansies and snapdragons(of which,I have none).

My Dad’s orchids have decided to add some sunshine…IMG_1180

The first of many to bloom.This orchid is over 50 years old!The original mother plant is still in it’s original pot(someday,I must take a picture of it in it’s pot and with its air roots).All the others I have,of his,of this color,come from the mother plant.It may be a common orchid,as orchids go,but it’s my favorite.It’s the one that made my Dad addicted to orchids.

Some of YardBoy’s roses….IMG_1191

The Knockouts love this cooler weather.


He’s trying minis,but isn’t too impressed with them.(I am,tho.They are sooo delicate)He finds them too needy.YardBoy likes things simple.Must be a man thing…

The tomatoes are happy with the weather.tomatoes

NanaK,these two I got from you,at the meet-up,last summer.They have been so prolific,and I am delighted with them.Thanks,so much.

Bacopa is still hanging in there…IMG_1183

Here’s hoping the weather stays the same,and we all have a great gardening week!

Dad update-He is home from ReHab and back at his ALF.YardBoy is staying with him 24/7,for awhile.He listens to him,not me….He has good days and bad days.Physically,he is doing great,but his dementia is starting to worsen.Yesterday,he was here at TheGreatWall and he was like he was 30 years,ago.(He thinks the County is doing a great job-he is an Engineer,after all.He advised me to steal relocate some of the dirt they have laying around.”That’s darn good fill,there!It’s your tax dollars that paid for it.Just take it.They’ll never notice it” Dad!!!).Today was not a good day.He wandered off.In the end,all worked out,and,right now,he is back to his usual self.Aging and dementia is a sad thing…He has had 91,almost 92, great years.We’d like a few more years,please.


Tootie said...

I love your Dad's orchids, they're beautiful! Yard Boys roses are very nice! :) I love the colors!

I'm glad your Dad is back and I'm guessing that he has more good years left than you think! He's a spunky fella! :) (Ooh...I think you should take the dirt! LOL)

By the way, how is the pretty plant you got from the Farmer's Market doing?

Tink *~*~* said...

So you took the dirt, right?



Gayle said...

Your flowers are stunning. So glad that YardBoy is able to be with your dad and keep him on the track to better health. I'm with Tink... I would've taken the dirt.

Unknown said...

Yep,I did....but not too much.I had visions of the dirt police knocking on the door....

NanaK said...

Such a roller coaster ride with aging parents isn't it? My dear mom and dad are gone now but I wouldn't trade anything for the time I was able to spend with them in their last years. You're right to be treasuring every moment God gives you with your dad.

I'm glad the tomatoes are doing well for you. Those look like Beefmaster VFN in case you want to look for more seeds in the future. Being a hybrid they won't come true from their own seeds. I think this spring I'm going to start with plants as I haven't gotten around to starting any seeds yet. We'll see.

I appreciate your 'sunshine' very much. It's hard looking outside around here these days.

Susan said...

Glad to hear your dad is out of rehab, and I truly hope you get your wish for a few more good years. I love his orchid and can see how he would fall in love with it, too. I would love to see the pic of it in the pot...50 years is a long time. I have hope...that with some good care...mine will last as long. I just hope I do! :-) Very pretty flowers to brighten my day. Hope the coming cold weather doesn't get any lower than expected...that snow in Georgia is just a wee bit too close.

Deborah said...

OMGosh that orchid!!! **swoons**


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