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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everybirdy’s Welcome…..

I hope you love birds too.   It is economical.  It saves going to heaven.
-   Emily Dickinson


A bird in the hand is a certainty, but a bird in the bush may sing.
-   Bret Harte




Poor indeed is the garden in which birds find no homes.
-  Abram L. Urban

That little bird has chosen his shelter.  Above it are the stars and the
deep heaven of worlds.  Yet he is rocking himself to sleep without
caring for tomorrow's lodging, calmly clinging to his little twig,
and leaving God to think for him.
-   Martin Luther


What is joy?
It is a bird
That we all want to catch.
It is the same bird
That we all love to see flying
- Sri Chinmoy




There are 8,600 species of birds in the world today.  They are
found everywhere.  Birds play a vital role in the balance of nature.
They eat insects, pests and small animals.  Fruit eating birds are
best for scattering seeds for these plants.  Seed eating birds
digest seeds and in so doing keep millions of weeds from the earth...

Birds have between 1,000 and 25,000 feathers.
-  Birds, U.C. Davis


Ami said...

Oh, my! You sure take beautiful birds pictures. Did you bride them to pose for you? :) Love those quotes too!

Floridagirl said...

Lovely bird pictures and enjoyed the quotes to go along with them. Oh, I need to set up a chair and do some birdwatching....

NanaK said...

You sure have a great number of different birds gracing the Wall. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

Deborah said...

What fantastic shot; all of them!!! I think you are well on your way to documenting all 8600 species. You have a very good eye. **kisskiss** Deb

Gayle said...

You have such a beautiful variety of birds that visit your yard. I mostly have raven who reek havoc. If I had what you had I wouldn't need chickens! :)

gpc said...

So beautiful! I really need to figure out how to put up a safe feeder this year!


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