"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Gardener Is Smiling….

After the work day,

which is spent indoors,

it is gratifying to come home to the garden.

Hurriedly,change into gardening clothes,camera in one hand,glass of Merlot in the other,and head out to the garden.

Which is what I did,today…

Sunny,breezy,high 70’s,nary a cloud in the sky.

All work day cares quickly fell to the wayside….

Signs of Spring/Summer were all around.

The Australian Tree Fern made it through the winter without a blemish….


The first day lily bud is getting ready to blossom…..


Much earlier than last year.

The first Canna bud has formed….


Also,much earlier than last year.

The first bud on the Lisanthus….


An Anole protecting the plumeria…


The first Caladium has pushed its way through…


The earliest I have ever seen that happen.

A Monarch butterfly on a Penta.IMG_1685

A Red Drift Rose….



Another orchid is blooming…


The red bench is done and in place,in the front garden…


My painting technique was to hold a spray can of bronze primer in one hand,and a spray can of red paint in the other,and spray away.Not too complicated…

It,almost,matches the red of the front doors.


I think it needs a planter setting on it.

All of these brought a smile to my face,today,

but there is one thing that makes me break out into a silly grin.

From ear to ear.

Actually, a chuckle….


a laugh!

A true sign of Spring/Summer in Florida.

The first hot babe in a bathing suit,relaxing on a hot,sunny day in the pool….





Emma says Happy Return to Spring/Summer!


















Gayle said...

Wow, you have a lot going on in the gardens. What a great place to relax with a nice glass of merlot. Shoot...even a crappy glass of merlot would do!

Unknown said...

Gayle-if you came down,here,I'd bring out the good wine!Get your butt down here!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I enjoyed this little mini tour and can feel the joy of life and living it in your gardens. Sipping on a nice glass of Merlot is a great way to walk around a garden.

Emma is a sweetiepie.


NanaK said...

Your garden is a bit ahead of mine this spring but I, too, can see all the signs of life coming forth in the garden. Emma in her own personal cabana is too cute!

Floridagirl said...

Ha! Your hot babe in a bathing suit is soooo cute!!! Love that photo! You have so much going on in your gardens. Your tree fern is just beautiful! I couldn't imagine myself painting with two hands! That left hand is pretty uncoordinated. Love the color you chose for the table, though. Did you see my daylily that opened on Monday? I love daylily season!!! I've got a lot more daylilies about to pop, and it's making me crazy waiting.

Unknown said...

Thanks all for the comments about Emma.We think she's kinda special.

FlowerLady-a glass of Merlot in hand is the only way to relax in the garden after a day at work.

NanaK-I am amazed at how fast the garden has rebounded this year.

FloridaGirl-it's kind of fun painting with two hands,'cept you have to put the glass of wine down.;)Saw your daylily.Beautiful!

Meems said...

Wednesday was absolutely perfect weather! Glad you're smiling... you've worked hard and it's all coming together just in time to watch spring explode. Emma is too cute in her pool garb.

Susan said...

That definitely is one hot bathing beauty LOL! It definitely is nice to saunter through the garden enjoying your handiwork and checking out what new blooms are bursting out...such satisfaction!

Kristen said...

Your butterfly is a American Painted Lady also known as a Virginia Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) .

Great photos as always!


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