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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Front and Back Are Done,and duck sex….

Some tweaking needs to be done,but for intents and purposes the front is almost done…The third landing area is finished..


and a planter with red Suntunia’s (easily replaced with the seasons)was added.

Why red? I want to tie everything into our red front doors.


I found a metal bench at Home Goods,on clearance (yea!) ,which I intend to spray paint red and add to the front garden,under the Florida Maples.



I have decided to enlarge the garden at the foot of the driveway,and add more Love Grass…


Have I said that I heart Love Grass?

The back side garden is done!

for now…

We started with this…


and ended with this…


The only plantings I bought were another Tea Olive and some annuals for a border.Everything else came from divisions or plants I had stored  on the the other side of the yard

.I did add Love Grass to the mix.

Just cuz I love Love Grass!

Now,for the dirty,sexy part….The good stuff!

If you have young children,you might wanna cover their eyes.

If you don’t,don’t blame me.

You were forewarned…

A commotion on the water!

What could it be?

O M G !!

It’s Muskovee Ducks doing the mating dance!

Fighting it out…

they sooo won’t pose when they’re duking it out over a lady…


I think he won…


cleaning up ‘fore he hooks up…

and the lady swims up to the winner!!!


she probably ain’t worth it…just sayin’

Not to be overshadowed,the Skinks had to get into the act….



TheGreatWall may become known as a porn sight!




Tink *~*~* said...

LOL, I was at Lakes Park the other day and got a few shots of two anoles doin' tha wild thang ;) I just got some of those instant solar lights at Target - the little ones were only a buck a piece. Tomorrow afternoon, after the sun has cleared the house and gone out back, my mission is to "plant" them in the front, on either side of the driveway.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

*** Geeze,Lou-weeze,

TheGreatWall may become known as a porn sight! ***

LOL!!!! Great transformation by the way of your side area. I know you're glad that's all done. Now let the beauty continue to grow.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Unknown said...

Tink-I'm really not too impressed with the solar lights.Half of what you buy never seem to work.And they need three days of 12 hours of full sunlight to fully charge.The ones I have get sun from sun up til sundown,so...so far so good.Others I have bought have really let me down.

Meems said...

It is spring time after all and love is in the air...

Love grass and duck love... ha!

You have to be so happy all those projects are done except for tweaking. What a lot of hard work you two have put in. It looks so finished! I finally finished my front project except for a couple of tweaks as well. Whew... it surely doesn't LOOK like all that much work but it sure was.

Ami said...

LOL! Great transformation of your front and back yard. What a big difference of that back yard only after that short period time. I am sure the front yard will look lush and beautiful very soon also, especially with your red bench and other red elements tying together with your red door. Show us some updated picture after a couple of months!

Deborah said...

Oh a porn blog indeed!!! LOVE the new garden area and your red doors. I have a red bench in my koi garden area. I've missed all my bloggy friends...trying to work it back in to my now busy life! But change is good. **kisskiss** Deb

Susan said...

Gee wiz Chris, you've got a lot going on out in your garden. and you've been kicking bootie on your garden this spring...WOW...you've accomplished so much and it's all looking great. Love the side yard. It's so great when you can root your own or divide plants and spread them around...it's nice to save a few pennies. Can't wait to see a photo with the new bench.

NanaK said...

All your new areas look great. You have really been working hard. The red bench is a perfect idea under those maples. Can't wait to see how everything fills in. You deserve to enjoy some time sitting and observing the goings on in your garden. And, you've really got it going on!

Gayle said...

OMG what is a Skink and it way to closely resembles a snake...and it is slimy. OMG...I would squish it, I think.

The solar lights are so cool...they have floating spraying ones I could put in my pond...great stuff for the 24 hour daylight, but the lights...not so good when it doesn't get dark.

Landscaping_Katy said...

All that love grass is getting to them animals in your landscape.hahaha. Great transformation by the way. Good job.

sanddune said...

What a change you created for your back garden. A lot of hard work involved but it looks great.


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