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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovin’ On The Veggies,and Oh !@#$ !

After work,I’m out admiring the garden.

Just lovin’ on the way the plantings and the veggies are loving new clay-ee soil the county left us.

Tomatoes for days….


This spring,I’m growing Galinas,Cherokee Purple, and Brandywine.All heirlooms.


Never had so many this early…Thank you Hillsborough County.

After amending the soil with peat moss and manure,it has been the best! Holds moisture perfectly.

I could get spoiled….

Lettuce is beautiful…


As is the Swiss Chard…


The Pole Beans have out grown their trellises…


I have left the pathway between the raised beds as Hillsborough County left it.

Compacted clay.


So far,it has worked out well.Water runs off.Weeds are very minimal.

Gotta love it.

Wait a doggone minute!

What the !@#$ is that?


Time to get out the big guns….


Wasp/Hornet spray and spray lacquer work great when they’re this size.Plus,it’s fun watching them stiffen from the lacquer and try to get away from the hornet spray,and they can’t….the reason the photo is blurry….I’m laughing ……bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Really.They do.Any bigger,no way.

Off to check Miss Emma’s Garden and the Queen Emma Crinum.


So far,all is well.



be forewarned.

You touch Miss Emma’s Garden - I swear I will bring out the big guns!


Tomorrow,I buy Nolo Bait.




Gayle said...

The vegetables are amazing, but omg what were those things? I would run screaming!

Landscaping_Katy said...

Great veggie pics! The bugs gave me the heebee jeebees though. Ugh. But I can so identify with your laughter and big guns. Am kinda similar when getting rid of pests in the yard.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What great veggies. But oh those dang lubbers have most definitely got to go.


Floridagirl said...

Good luck on those Queen Emmas. I have five large specimens, and they are ravaged by the lubbers every year. : ( At least, it doesn't seem to stop the blooming.

Your tomatoes are looking great! I miss the rich clay we used to have up in Atlanta. Everything was so easy to grow.

Susan said...

Your veggies are looking great and so is Miss Emma's garden. Love that dark red crinum. I'll be you're patrolling that area daily in search of lubbers. I'm hunting them down regularly to try and eliminate as many as possible before they get BIG. Have a great day!

NanaK said...

Your veggies look so good. I grew Galinas in the fall and they were one of my favorites.

I put out Nolo Bait 2 times now and plan to put out more next month. Hopefully, next year's lubbers will be minimal. Hate 'em.

Unknown said...

Gayle-those are Lubber grasshopper babies.They can decimate your garden in a day.

Florida Girl and Susan-I have been checking Emma's Garden everyday, just because it has come together so beautifully.Now,I do it just to make sure it's safe.

NanaK-I bought NoloBait,today,and put it out.Have my fingers crossed.Do you think it's working?

Tink *~*~* said...

That's quite the plague o' lubbers - I have never seen so many in one spot! They sure are pretty colors but that's just too many !!!



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