"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sprekelia formosissima

Did you ever buy a plant,or a bulb?

Just on a whim?

Just because you liked it?

Not even knowing if it would work?

Or grow?

But that eternal optimism,we gardeners have,told you,”This is the one that’ll work.It will be perfect!”

So you buy it…

I bought four….

And for weeks and weeks it looks like this….


And you tell yourself,”Never again.Nope.Never! I absolutely refuse to go out on a limb,ever again!”

And you shove them to the back of the garden,and tell them they are on their own.

And promptly forget where you bought those bulbs,because you want no memory of another futile mistake you made….

Then you come home from work,one day,and are doing something else….

and you say,”What the… ? Where’d that come from?”

Then you realize,

It’s those bulbs!!!!!


Glory be!!!!


and you are doing the happy dance all over the garden….

hopefully,the neighbors aren’t watching…..

Awww,who cares if they are?

Yessiree! Those bulbs are blooming!

Dance away,my friend!

and you realize two more bulbs are right behind this one….


and you know you’ll do it all over again.

Buy that bulb on a whim.,


Because you envision a whole bed of these beauties….

Wouldn’t that be something to see?

Ahhh,,,,the Eternal optimism of a gardener……

For more information on Sprekelia formosissima, check out Floridata…..




FlowerLady Lorraine said...

'Eternal Optimism' what a great thing to have. We all need it, for whatever is going on in our lives.

What a wonderful bloom.

Happy Gardening ~ Happy Spring,


NanaK said...

Those are really pretty. I haven't branched out much with bulbs but may have to consider it now.

Floridagirl said...

Woohoo! That beauty would make me do a dance too! Love it! The Aztec Lily has been on my garden wish list for a long time. If only I could find a bulb!

Unknown said...

FloridaGirl-Floridata says the bulbs can br divided in the Fall.If I'm successful,you are more than welcome to one.

Gayle said...

Those are beautiful!! I totally would happy dance and probably whoop, too! Sometimes it is best to ignore something!

Susan said...

Glory be is soooo true. That is a beauty. What an exciting discovery!

Wendelyn said...

Ha! I did the same thing ! Watched and watched for months and then came home one day to a full bloom and said WOW.....

The sprekelia blossom is the hit of this season.

Wendelyn said...

We had the same reaction! Watched for months and months - nothing.

Then came home one day and WOW. Beauty and elegance. The Sprekelia is the hit of this season.


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