"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Thoughts…..

or things I have realized this past few days…

-I love oak trees.I really,really do.I love their magnificence.Everything about them,really.I love the oak leaf mulch.But I just don’t like the leaves.I don’t like them in my pool.Why does every oak leaf within 30 miles find my pool? And don’t get me started on the oak pollen….It turns everything yellow! Including the Tacoma!Clogs the pool filter.How many times can you skim the pool? I try to love nature,but this is getting frustrating! Allergies?Another problem….

-I’m starting to Red heart succulents.


I think the planters in the new front garden will be planted with them.


-I really,really Red heart Bulbine.


Everything about it.


-Blue-Eyed Grass looks better as a clump,than as a singular plant.


-Spray varnish works perfectly on Lubber hatchlings.Stiffens them right up! Cruel,I know,but war is war!

-The most perfect dinner,on a Friday,is PIZZA!

-Not much going on,this weekend,at TheGreatWall.We’re off to Orlando,to help Miss Emma(oh yeah…her parents,too) move a little bit closer…

And she has discovered she has toes!


Pedicure time!

‘til next week……..






Gayle said...

I love your succulents, too. What a treat to be able to grow something so unique in your garden (and know it won't get snowed on and die!). I have garden envy every time I go to your blog! Moving closer? How sweet is that?! :)

Unknown said...

Thanx,Gayle-coming from you,who has the most magnificent summer garden,that means alot!

NanaK said...

Miss Emma moving closer is wonderful news for you. She is so precious looking at her toes.

I hate this time of year with the oaks. We have pollen all over everything and it gets all in my hair. But, it's only one month a year and it's worth suffering for one month to enjoy those oaks all the rest of the year.

Show us those containers of succulents as soon as they are done. Please.

Meems said...

Hi Chris,
Emma is moving closer! That's so great... you are going to love that. And her parents probably will, too.

This IS the messy time of year for the oaks. I can't imagine not having a screen around the pool... all that pollen still gets in but thankfully not the leaves. But I LOVE my oaks. Bulbine is a favorite here, too.

Floridagirl said...

I can't believe how big Miss Emma has grown! I know you'll be happy having them all closer.

I'm feelin' ya on the oaks. Ugh. Our pool is so yucky right now. We've already cleaned the filter four or five times, but it takes a couple weeks of repeated efforts to finally get it clean. And yeah...those allergies....yuck! It was pretty bad today. Spent a lot of time working outdoors today, which ended in my having to take the first allergy pill of the year just tonight. Ugh.

Susan said...

Love that sweet little strawberry outfit on Miss Emma. I'm sure you're delighted she'll be living closer to you. Thanks for the varnish tip. I just noticed the first batch of lubbers this weekend...yuk! I wish the cold weather would freeze their eggs.

I do believe that succulents are perfect for container plantings in Florida...they don't need watering everyday.

Ami said...

I love succulents too, and bulbine is about in the same category! Your bulbine pictures are beautiful! Of course, The most beautiful flower in your "garden" is little Emma!


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