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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Guest Post….

For this post,TheGreatWall is pleased to allow a guest writer.

It’s the ever delightful Miss Emma!

Go for it,Emma!

This past weekend my Gramma and my Uncle Erich (sometimes Gramma calls him Erich,the Younger….hmmmm,trying to figure that one out...)came to help me and Gina and Kyle and Momma and Daddy get settled in our new house,in Orlando(or Maitland---whatever those big people call it).Gramma gave up working on her great wall,whatever that is?,to help me get settled in.I really,really wanna get this place ship-shape,so I can go see The Wonderful World of Harry Potter,but that’s for another day.

Gramma took lots and lots of pictures of me.


“Hey,Gramma,not everything I do is cute,you know?Sometimes I poop my pants.



“Hey,Gramma’s camera has this great tasting camera strap.You people should really try one sometime.”

Anyways,I decided to take a break from all of that moving stuff and picture taking and stuff big people do and go swimming with my big brother and sister…


and then I just wanted to chill….


“Hey,would someone bring me a diet Coke?

Or something?


Anyways,Gramma had to get back to her garden,and when she got home she found lots and lots and neat stuff….

her plumeria have started to grow again…


When she saw that,she was doing something she called a happy dance?

and an azalea she got here,when I was born,started putting out new growth….


I think I see a white flower…

and she did another kind of happy dance.Something about it might not grow here?

What’s a happy dance anyways?

and the orchids were sill blooming…


I think I might like orchids,’cause my Great Grandpa grew them.

Well,I think I hear my Momma sayin’ it’s my bedtime,so I guess I had better go.This has been fun.I hope Gramma lets me do it,again,sometime.








NanaK said...

Emma did a great job. But, she's wrong about one thing. Everything she does IS cute. Getting back to your garden and seeing all the new growth is certainly happy dance worthy. Love the orchid.

Tootie said...

Awe...Miss Emma and the orchid are beautiful! :)

Ami said...

Miss Emma sure is a great writer! She is so adorable! Your orchid is beautiful!

BTW, is your plumeria in the full sun? Mine is in a partial shade area, wonder if that is why it has not grow the new leaves yet.

Susan said...

That was sooo sweet! I'll bet you had a blast putting that post together, but mostly spending time with Miss Em. :-)

Unknown said...

Ami-I grow my plumerias in full sun.That particular plumeria,in the photo,gets full for the entire day.For some reason,the ones that are in pots actually do better than the ones that are in the ground.

Floridagirl said...

Aw, Emma is so beautiful! Love that last photo! That's what I shoulda been doin' today.

Your plumeria leaves are bigger than mine. Just sayin'. I just noticed today, teeny, tiny new leaves breaking.

Tink *~*~* said...

She'll be dog-paddling all over that pool in no time! My plumeria started budding about two weeks ago. They are in pots at the head of the driveway and they get full sun most of the day.



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