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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Different Viewpoint……

or I’m hanging out a second story window,almost losing my camera,and my life,just to get a photo of the new side garden from above.

Most of all,I was terrified of losing the camera….

I think I may be done with the new side garden (are we gardeners ever done?)….

The view from ground level….


Now,after removing the screen,and leaning precariously out a second story window,here’s the view …..



The photos are only of the back half of the side garden.Sorry,but I was definitely not getting up on the roof to get a full length shot! Notice the yard art I added.

Our old,rusted fire pit now leans against the fence.The bottom is to the left,out of the photo.

Eventually,TheGreatWall will be extended.From the steps to the side wall…..


The cypress stump had to stay.The tree people couldn't get to it,to grind it out.They assured me it would take 20 + years for it to rot out.Hopefully,they’re right…

The planter with the potted palm will stay.But will be made larger.

Now,it is time to move on to the front yard.After the septic system was replaced,in November,I was left with this….


The  front gardens will be enlarged.Enlarged much larger.

I hate to mow grass!

New sod will be added.

Hopefully,not a lot of new sod.

Did I say that I hate to mow?

Tomorrow is another day.

But,for now,I am just enjoying the completion of the new side garden.

By the way,my Dad was right.The plants love the clay-ee soil.They are growing like crazy.Yippee!

Tonight,dinner is boiled shrimp,orzo salad,and tabulleh.

Tomorrow is calling for rain,so I will be absorbed with this…


This is the only one I do not have autographed…..must get to work on that.

Have a great gardening week!

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Ami said...

Chris: You scared me when you talking about almost losing your life (and camera) when taking the picture! Be safe, you have a beautiful garden waiting for you to tender! LOL

You sure accomplished a lot, and a beautiful job well done! I love the plants placement, and the choice. That stone wall also looks nice. I guedd those two boxes along the fence are for vegetibles. I had a feeling that I might have missed some of your previous posts for the beginning of this project. hmm, need to go back checking some old posts.

Unknown said...

yes,Ami,those are raised boxes I bought from Home Depot,for the veggies.This is the third year for them,and so far,they have worked out well.Very pleased with them.

Floridagirl said...

Your new project is all coming together nicely. I've been wanting to climb onto the roof and get aerial views of my garden spaces but am still trying to work up the courage. Perhaps someday....

Gayle said...

Wow...a whole new perspective for those of us who haven't gotten to visit you. I like being able to see the "big picture". I love whatever those really leafy things are next to the pool. I want something like that all around my "pool", but haven't stumbled across something that will survive our winters. When I do I want to fill it all in! Love all the progress and "big picture" photos. Keep us updated!!

NanaK said...

The new pathway looks great and really pulls that area together. Exciting plans for the front? Can't wait to see. Enjoy your reading today. I enjoy Randy Wayne White's books too. Love recognizing places I know in my favorite state.

Unknown said...

FloridaGirl-I am sooo not getting up on the roof,tho I wish I had the guts,or stupidity,as it would give me a great shot of the yard.

Gayle-those are Giant Liriope. Great plant,as they hide a multitude of problems,great filler plant,and they can take our winters.Don't know about your's,tho.

NanaK-I have read all of RWW's books.Even the non-fiction.All are great reads for a lazy,Sunday afternoon by the pool.I have had the great pleasure of meeting him.Very nice guy.He has autographed all of my books.(Have them all).Just need to get this one signed,too.


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