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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Nails Are A Mess…

my shoulders and arms ache,and I don’t think my feet will ever be clean.No matter how much I pumice….

And this is why….

The front yard renovation has started.With all the work Hillsborough County did,the new driveway,and the septic drain field replacement,the front was a mess!

Here’s the driveway with the new brick outline…


The first two landing areas are in…..


One section left to go….


Next weekend…


The area between that section,and the road,will be planted with Love Grass(my new  Red heartaffair ).


Containers have been refreshed and replanted….IMG_1573

with succulents and Sedums.

The large,and heavy, pieces of concrete I found while digging out the area for the new landing.They must be from when the house was built,back in the 70’s,as the County cleared that area out.Whatever,or whenever,they come from,they serve their new purpose perfectly.The planters are surrounded by Bulbine,as this area gets full sun,most of the day.


The large container in the center was planted with a Giant False Agave.and Sedum.

This area is a view towards the front of the house.The plantings are Giant Liriope,African Iris,Angel’s Tears,and Bulbine.

All were taken from divisions of plantings that were in the back gardens.


Still to be done:

-more maleluca mulch to be brought in.

-ground cover to be planted.

-the final third of the landing to be completed.

This week’s weather forecast calls for rain,so,hopefully,the gardens will be doing the happy dance.

Dinner,tonite,was Vegan.All from the veggie garden,except for the olives,goat cheese(no goats are being raised at TheGreatWall),Quinoa,and the croutons.

but I did make the croutons myself,

does that count?….

How was your gardening weekend?

Plans for the upcoming week?

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Floridagirl said...

Your landing area looks so nice! Love all those containers! It's all looking very beautiful.

Ami said...

I love what you have done so far. Isn't it great that you can get free plants from divisions of existing plants and create a new garden area? Love, love all your containers, very pretty! Can not wait to see the finish look of your front yard!

Gayle said...

You are making some major transformations to the yard. And I love the containers...that one is huge! My gardening weekend was awful. My very expensive Wave Petunia seeds do not seem to be germinating. I think they are too cool and it is going to be a bust. Now what will I do?

NanaK said...

The brick lining your drive-way is a great accent and the landing pad is a great idea. That had to be a lot of work with all that leveling and digging. It was worth it. (Love the pots!)

compost in my shoe said...

Someone is going to think you are a brick mason the next dinner party you attend! Looks like a whole lot of work. Congrats on moving it forward.


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