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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Best Laid Plans.....

We had every intention,today,of arising extra early,and going to the Seafood Festival in Cortez,Florida.But when we finally awoke---we will not tell you what time---it was too late and too cold.Sooooo,it was decided we would work on the back,corner,over-grown jungle....

If you have read our previous posts,you are already aware of the jungle we have in one back corner of our yard.Considering the other side of the yard is out of the gardening question(due to the impending drainage work by Hillsborough County),we turned our collective attention to the "jungle."
After,a hard-days-work,this is what we have arrived at.....Not to mention the arguement with the weed-eater,and between us.....However(and there is always a however,when you are gardening,isn't there?),we came upon this.Big-ass roots from one of the oak trees. And we're not joking when we say big-ass.These suckers are huge!Soooo,we're thinking some sort of yard-art needs to go there.Or,maybe,a bird bath.Or,maybe,something else.....We'd love to put in a pond with koi,but we have a problem with raccoons,so that's out.
But in the midst of all the weedage and overgrowth,we found a lone impatien,desparately trying to grow.So,it was relocated to under the oak tree and given a proper home.

A while back,while triming the orchids,I had tossed aside a piece of spent orchid.Today,I found this little beauty growing,so it has been given a proper home,too.

We,also,trimmed the palms back.The ones by the pool(AKA Waterpark).They're looking kind of sad right now,but tomorrow they will start on their weekly bath of liquid copper(to prevent fungi growth) and fertilizer.
The one plant that has really enjoyed this cold winter,is the Holly Fern.It is just growing like crazy.It looks so beautiful,right now.Sooo,after all that work,today,we decided to reward ourselves with a great dinner.Nathan's Hot Dogs steamed in beer,bell peppers roasted on the grill,and potato salad(with fresh chopped parsley,from the garden).

Bon appetite!!


Gayle said...

Wonderful work! How fun it must have been to get out there and make some progress. I am still at the dreaming point with so much snow still around. I just asked the hubby if he could round of some kind of shelving and lights. I'd like to set up a grow room and start my seedlings. If I get them going now by June they will be big plants and I'll have instant garden. (Or that's the idea). Racoons? Way cool! Are you going to sit by the fire? Enjoy!

Unknown said...

That plate looks really delicious. We just had our seafood festival down here in Everglades City last week. 'Tis the time ...

Randy Emmitt said...

Oh my Meg would have a fit with that hot dog, I have to sneak them in, usually at Costco. The roasted bell peppers would hit a high approval rating with her.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Looks like you got a lot done. The holly fern is very pretty, I've never seen one before. And even though it's only 7 AM here, that hotdog still looks good!
Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'll be back. I love seeing garden projects in progress.
Oh and by the way, we have a small pond and we do get raccoons, but after 5 years they've never caught a fish. We must have fast fish :)

Unknown said...

Gayle-I so want a potting shed.We have the lumber.I just can't get Jon to build it.
Robert-It was.We thought about going to your seafood festival,but other things got in the way.Next year,for sure!
Randy-love the dogs at COSTCO,and Home Depot,too.
Catherine-come back often.


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