"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, February 20, 2011


or Go Junior!!!!

Early this morning,I was up and at it.Camera in hand,it was time to document what I have accomplished,so far.Let’s take a stroll,shall we?

The start of the new new garden and pathway…..IMG_1362Much remains to be done.The clean fill that was brought in has a lot of clay in it,so it takes a good while to dig a hole.Then lots of peat moss,manure,and compost must be worked in.I’m gonna have great shoulders and upper arms,when this is all done!Next weekend I hope to finish the pathway to the back.

Moving on to what’s left of the veggie garden.It is in the process of being moved over about four feet.And will be replanted,next weekend.



IMG_1369Blanket flower


Whoa! Who’s this?

Why it’s the Marsh Bunny! A frequent visitor to TheGreatWall,these days.IMG_1353

Carry on…..you eat those weeds,while I continue on with my stroll….



IMG_1386Cinnamon Fern fiddle head.



IMG_1376Moth Orchid,Phalaenopsis Nivacolor,I believe.Am I right?

I’m taking a day off from the garden,today.It’s the Daytona 500,and the start of NASCAR season!!!!It’s a Southern thing…..My Dad will be over to watch the race on the big screen! Yep-he loves his NASCAR! And to check the progress on the garden.We’ll be dining on ‘burgers on the grill,potato salad,baked beans,chips and BEER!

Go Junior!!!!!




FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Love the look of your project, and it will only get lovelier looking as time goes by. You've done a great job.

Your dining fare sounds yummy to me. Enjoy.


Tootie said...

I love what you've done so far! Your pet bunny is a cutie! :) Does he have a name?

Have a great time with Dad today. :) I hope the new additions pass his inspection.

Unknown said...

Flower Lady-Thanks,and dinner was yummy!

Tootie-no name for the bunny.I can't figure out if it's male or female(how do you tell?),but he/she seems to be getting used to me and my camera.Dad seems to like what I've done so far.At least,he didn't find anything wrong....

Gayle said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers. What an amazing job you have done "fixing" their work! Glad Dad approved.

NanaK said...

The new area is looking good. Nice to have this to view while enjoying time with your Dad. You have put in a lot of work but it is certainly worth it. Hope the bunny stays out of the lettuce!

Unknown said...

Gayle-I know you do as much,if not more,work in your garden.And your's is beautiful,every year.I just wish you had a longer growing season.
NanaK-The bunny stays away from the lettuce.The carrot tops are another story.He/she has gotten every one!

Floridagirl said...

Wow, you've accomplished a lot so far. It is all looking so beautiful, and the bunny is adorable.

Susan said...

Hi Chris...That marsh bunny is sooooo cute! Your garden is looking great, and I would say that you certainly deserve a day off. My sister loves Jr....at least he came close to finishing this time.

Meems said...

Maybe next time for JR. ... that was an amazing end for young Trevor. Your garden is really shaping up (and your arms probably are, too :-) Lots of work you guys have done. And so many pretty colors. Really nice, Chris.


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