"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It is important to me that visitors to TheGreatWall  experience the senses.

“Oh,look at that!”

“That is sooo cute!”

“Isn’t that an interesting plant?

You get my drift?

So,as I rework the back garden,it became important to me to fulfill all the senses.

Especially fragrance.

There is already family….IMG_1425

IMG_1427a gift from Maggie and Erich….

and serenity…..


Yard Art? You have already seen how much we love Yard Art here at TheGreatWall.

The birds and the wind chimes provide the sound.Not counting the sound from the pool…


And color.That we have lots of.We’re almost technicolor….




Nope,we ARE technicolor!


But most of all,I wanted fragrance.

We are blessed to have an old Bay Oak tree,down by the water.


It has seen better times,but with lots of TLC,and a visit from an arborist,it is slowly coming back.When you crush the leaves,it is just like smelling a bay leaf.It has been said one could substitute the leaves,from a Bay Oak,for bay leaves,but I have never tried it.

So,with that old tree as my inspiration,I have set out on a quest to add more fragrance to TheGreatWall.

I have always used parsley as a border plant.


It makes a great accent plant,not to mention the butterflies love it.If it is used as a border,you save space in the veggie garden.It just makes sense….

Oregano?Basil and thyme?IMG_1402


Aren’t those the most delish smelling herbs?

Brush against Rosemary…..




Sweet Alyssum?


The scent is almost overwhelming,isn’t it?

There was already one Tea Olive shrub-who doesn’t adore those?-,here,but I wanted another one.


I needed and HAD to have another.

To be placed by the steps that lead down from the pool area to the garden.Right where someone walking down the steps would brush against it….


That such a small flower can produce such an amazing aroma is incredible,isn’t it?


Now,that we smell good,it’s time to pop the popcorn and get ready for the Academy Awards.

Not that we’ve seen any of the movies that are nominated,but it is sooo much fun to judge others,isn’t it?






Tink *~*~* said...

I have never smelled a tea olive plant. I need to be edumakated.


Unknown said...

Tink-it smells like almonds.And the scent is overwhelming for such a tiny flower.You must come see.

Floridagirl said...

Yes, I do love fragrance in the garden. Do you have a cracker rose? That's my favorite scent. I have to admit I cannot smell tea olives. It's the truth. I had a huge old specimen in Atlanta, and my husband always claimed it smelled nice, but I could never make out anything. He kept wanting to buy one at the nursery just this weekend. The plant just doesn't excite me. I've discovered that it has a scent that some people cannot detect. Lucky me. : (

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What loveliness and wonderful scents you have surrounding you. I've never smelled the tea olive either. I love scents in the gardens too. The basket plant flowers are really doing a great job of it right now, as are the roses, and star jasmine. Azaleas are putting out their softly sweet scent too.

Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

NanaK said...

You certainly have all the senses covered. I love the tea olives. They make working in the spring garden so nice. The alyssum is another small but mighty flower in the fragrance department. Mine have re-seeded and are growing more and more. It's aromatherapy.

Susan said...

Hi Chris...Fragrance in the garden is the icing on the cake. Both the alyssum and the sweet olives smell wonderful. I get a wift of them whenever I'm nearby. Right now we've got orange blossoms...and they are heavenly!

Meems said...

All those herbs are quite delicious and so nice to have in the garden. I'm still getting drifts of the tea olive fragrance when I'm out in the back garden. It is quite powerful wafting all the way across the yard to me. You will love having another one.

Gayle said...

You are so good at pairing plants together so they bring out the best in each other. Your gardens are so pleasing to look at. Wish I had that kind of talent to use such a variety.


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