"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hiding That Dirty Little Secret….

……..called garbage.

We all have it.Those ugly,dirty cans.The recycling bins.AKA crap!How do you deal with it?Because I was left with a blank canvas,it was kinda/sorta easy.I wanted the cans,bins,etc. off the driveway,and behind the fence.They,also,had to be accessible to the kitchen,and easy to take out on garbage day.

But I didn’t want an eyesore when viewed from the kitchen patio.I didn’t want to have to look at YardBoy’s smoker and turkey fryer,which I call crap-he calls them valuable treasures.Not the pool chlorine jugs.Nor the ever present generator.I know this is Florida,after all,and a generator is a must-have,but I didn’t want to have to see it everyday.

Another issue was I was not allowed to change the grade that the county left.Four feet in from the fence is a slight depression,approximately four feet wide,which runs all the way down to the waters edge,in the back.

Between the raindrops this weekend,this is what I came up with…..IMG_1322

See YardBoy’s crap treasures in the back? and the outdoor shower,which is perfect for washing off your feet,  after gardening.

The two trellis’ on the left have been planted with Dwarf Asian Jasmine.The two on the right will be planted with something.I’m just not sure what,yet.---ideas?---maybe more Dwarf Asian Jasmine?Or maybe a dwarf climbing rose?Whatever it is,it must grow up to hide the crap treasures.


Gravel was used to fill in the low area.Hopefully,the water will drain through the gravel.The pavers used to reside in this area,but were moved,about five years ago,in anticipation of the drainage project. Now,they are back,but with,hopefully,a better installation.They just need some bleach,and a good power washing.

To light the walkway to that area,more low-voltage lighting was installed…IMG_1324

Also,the walkway to the back was extended a few more feet…..IMG_1325

Small gardens have started to be installed.Eventually,they will all run together.But for right now,I can only remove so much of that ugly commercial Bahia grass at a time.Don’t want no trouble from the powers that be,after all….IMG_1326

The white boulders are to remind me--NO DIGGING HERE—that is where the power line runs under ground to the well.After the County cut it twice,they,finally,had an electrician come out and run the new line,in pipe,but I am afraid I might get carried away and cut through it,anyways.Confused smileI encountered a problem with digging in the new soil.The County compacted the new fill so much,at times,it seems as if I’m digging through cement.I know I won’t need a gym membership after this. A good work out,that’s for sure.

Taking a break from all the gravel,digging,etc.,

next up will be….

Miss Emma’s Garden.

Which will go here….IMG_1330

It will be next to the swimming pool.In this family,you had best be a water baby!Gulf of Mexico,ocean,pool,lake,wherever there’s water,we’re definitely water people…Most assuredly,it will be easier,and a lot more fun!

But,now that the shower has been taken,feet pumiced,nails cleaned,hair blown dry,it is time to throw some chicken on the grill(which has been marinating all day in in Key Lime Barbeque sauce), a nice glass of Malbec,and settle in to watch the Super Bowl commercials….IMG_1329

Have a great gardening week!


NanaK said...

The new area is looking great. You are very smart to get the hardscaping done first. I like your trellis idea. I have lots of treasures that could use hiding.

Floridagirl said...

LOL. It's all about the commercials! I have some trash cans I need to hide as well. Your area is going to look lovely once your vines grow up. It does sound like you've worked hard. You deserve a break!

compost in my shoe said...

Those vines will have the "stuff" hidden before you know it. At least you have thought through where you wanted it. That tends to be the most important aspect of getting it hidden.

Meems said...

Lots of hard work for sure. Last year when those trucks compacted my soil I was so concerned my grass would never recover... much less my edible garden.

Have you thought about the native coral honeysuckle (hummers love it)for the empty trellis... a really fast grower but not aggressive and it doesn't freeze back. OR confederate jasmine ~~its April blooms are profuse and a thick cover will prevail the rest of the year.

Susan said...

Hi Chris...I like the way you reward yourself after a hard days work. Wow, you've been busy, and I love the way you're hiding the cr...yikes, I mean "stuff." Be sure to post a photo when the vines have grown up the trellis. Can't wait to see what you do with Emma's garden. Looking good!

Unknown said...

Meems-I thiink I am going to go with the Honeysuckle.Anything for the hummers.
Susan-it's the ONLY way to unwind after working all day.Sit bsack,sip some wine and admire all your work.

Gayle said...

What a beautiful paradise you are putting together. You've sure done a lot of hard work and the results are worth it!


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