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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Emma’s Garden……

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children:
one is roots.  The other is wings.
-  Hodding Carter, Jr.

In my last post,I mentioned that I wanted to start on Emma’s Garden.


It was to go here…..IMG_1330Yuck! Freeze dried plants….

Right by the pool.Our family is all about the water.Swimming,body surfing,boogie boarding (love ya-Kyle), fishing,boating,shelling….anything to do with the water…..Where else could her garden go?

After trips to three different native plant nurseries,Home Depot,and Lowe’s,I was ready to start.First,I removed all of the old freeze-killed plants.Then,in equal parts,I added new soil,compost,cow manure,and peat moss.Because this area gets full sun all day,and gets quite hot,I felt I should add the peat moss to help the soil retain moisture.In the summer,this area bakes….

The cherub was bought here,when Emma arrived.IMG_1334

For plantings,I knew where I wanted to go.The Queen Emma Crinum was a no-brainer…..IMG_1336I lucked out.This one came with three pups!

The rest had to be easy to care for,Florida friendly,Zone 9 friendly,and could withstand the abuse of being next to a swimming pool.

It would have to withstand this…IMG_0439

After much research,this is what I came up with….page

Clockwise,l-r:Caliente’ Geranium(in a container),Coontie Palm,Calibrachoa,variegated Asiatic Jasmine.

The Caliente’ Geranium is for a touch of contrast.And the Caliente’ part brings just a touch of sauciness,don’t you think?

The Calibrachoa is a perennial that blooms from fall through spring,plus I love the dark pink color. Hopefully,it will bring Fall and Winter color to the garden.

The variegated Asiatic Jasmine is for variety,from all the dark green.

The Coontie Palm needs no explanation,does it?

I,also,used Giant Liriope,Mondo Grass,Euphorbia,and Variegated Flax Lily for fillers.Below this garden,are the Angel’s Trumpets (which are returning from the December freezes),which will grow,to overhang this garden.


It is my hope that this little garden shall grow,just as Emma will.

Happy Valentine’s Day!IMG_1334

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Snowbird said...

What a neat idea. I'm sure when she is old enough to understand and appreciate it, she will love it.

Tootie said...

Very nice garden lady. :) Miss Emma will love it!

NanaK said...

Just beautiful, Chris. Your combination of plants works well. Of course, the Queen Emma is perfect!

Floridagirl said...

How awesome to have a name-themed garden! Yes, 'Queen Emma' is the perfect centerpiece, and the other blooms complement her beautifully. I think crinums are poisonous, though, so just make sure you watch the little ones around it.

Susan said...

Hi Chris...I've been waiting to see Emma's garden, and it looks beautiful. Nice combination of colors...and, oh year...a Queen Emma was the perfect centerpiece. Can't wait to see more pics as it fills in. Oh, and do let us know what Emma's opinion is of her garden. :-)

Gayle said...

You have such great vision and are very good at making decisions. I, on the other hand, should have started my seeds by now and haven't even ordered them. I believe gardening will be a failure this year. Glad you are having so many successes!!


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