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Sunday, August 8, 2010

~~~Mustard or Ketchup?~~~

with that dog?


I must say this color combination is really rockin’ my socks,lately!

Actually,it doesn’t take much to rock my socks these days,but that’s just me,

but I digress…..


It just seems to liven up the garden.

After awhile,all the greens and whites,the cool colors,start to be a little boring.

At least to me

Especially in this heat and humidity we’ve been having,lately.You’d think one would gravitate to the greens and whites,but—oh no,not me.


Walking through the garden,I love the contrast of these two colors.

IMG_0198They make each other pop!

Might I be anxiously anticipating the return of the cooler temperatures of Autumn?

You betcha! 

Or,maybe you’d like some relish,along with the mustard and ketchup,on that dog?

hot dog



I prefer just mustard and relish,please….



 With,maybe,just a touch of onion…..

Grilled,steamed in beer,whatever……

as long as it’s a Nathans….


I think I’m hungry…………….

Note:All of the photos of the hot dogs are from Google images.


Ami said...

A great post made me smile, AND hungry! :) Those red and yellow, or orange colors do pop up among all those greens, don't they? I have lots of same plants you are showing, just love their bright color in the garden!

Susan said...

Yeah, and now I'm hungry, too. Those dogs look yummy and your color combos...just as yummy! I like bold colors, too. Orange and purple are my favorite.

NanaK said...

Now I'm laughing AND hungry. All those bright yellows, reds and greens are gorgeous in your garden.

Kimberly said...

It's 9:38am and I'm so hungry for a dog!!! Being from Chicago, ketchup is a no-no on dogs, although I personally like it...only when combined with mustard, though, and some relish. As for your blooms, I love the hot and spicey colors! The colorful croton are lovely...never cease to amaze me!

Gayle said...

The colors are awesome. I, too, am looking for lots of color. I love the marigolds in the second photo. (They are one of my favorites because they never let me down).

It is August. Fair time. It will rain-until-it-snows time. My furnace is running because it's chilly. You may no longer say heat, humidity and anticipating cooler temperatures in the same sentence. Be thankful you can sit and sweat rather than shiver. :)

Deborah said...

I L♥ve all of these photos but #2 has such a magical quality about it, like stepping into a mini world hidden within your garden. DeLovely!
**blows kisses** Deb


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